Celebs at the Teachers Awards

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Celebs at the Teachers Awards. Amrita Puri is wearing a Tarun Tahiliani sari. Swara Bhaskar (of Tanu Weds Manu fame) is wearing Anita Dongre.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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wow.Irfan is looking hotttttttt.

Teacher awards? Who exactly are the 'teachers?' Random made up awards any excuse lol

5th pic, the girl in the black mini has perfect legs.
Amrita Puri's blouse is strange, looks ill-fitting.

Oh no pic # 4... that looks like a lot of bruises on her legs, yikes!

these ppl dunno how to dress and where are the celebs

Who is the woman inthe 4 th pic????
I guess she didnt look at the mirror in the light before coming here. Legs are nasty...shld have worn a pantyhose....horrible sight.

Before calling her imperfect and horrendous check your facts. she is divya palat.she was suffering from a horrible illness – acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.Multiple sclerosis is incurable. but she got out of hospital in two months, was on steroids for a year. google it if you don't believe and give the credit to the lady for her sheer will power.

As I was scrolling through these pictures, I had to scroll up to do a double-take on PIC#4, girl wtheck!! None of us perfect, but why flaunt all of our imperfections... : /

the first sari woman looks lost...
last sari lady looks decent here otherwise her dressing is always 30 yrs younger...she acts very well though always in her character.

love archana puri!!

I don't like Amrita's saree but she looks nice...

4th pic... one word.


Lady in dark blue gown is beautiful.

Divya Palat(4 th pic) , you should nt be wearing that dress!!

who is woman in the black and white frock?

the woman in the gown got confused between whether it was the teacher's awards or her prom

she wasn't thinking at all........4th pic!

black blue dress looks pretty

umm 4th picture - what was she thinking?

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