Close up Views of Bollywood Actresses (make up)








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they're all fake.

i am scared !

aish makeup is good,and priyanka too.cellina jetly make up is so bad and very cakey.Kareena kapoor make up pics are old sure she has changed her look now.and bipasha eye makeup is no good either.

they all look fake and like ghosts!

aish has old women skin
kareeena has best skin, but her make up here is not good

ewwww....dont like kareenas makeup at all ! and aish.....toooooo !

Besides Kareena and Aishwarya, they all wear foundation in a few shades lighter then their natural colour and colored contacts.

i can see aishwarya's wrinkles lol.....and priyanka's wide smile looks scary , wasn't she aware of braces???!!!

bips and ash...tons of makeup

God! celina has a huge nose she looks disgusting but i like her hair i mostly like amisha but where is amrita rao she is my fav actress and i think she is the most beautiful thing ever in her movie ab ke baras she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful and flawless she is just perfect perfect perfect ten on ten i swear

i hate the way bipasha does her eye makeup and kareena has got way too much eyeliner on

celina n bips gud candidates fr a horror movie..

gosh i dun lyk soo much makeup!!

They all wear coloured contacts! So desperate to be white.

the one who looks nice in make up is PC other than her is AISH. the others look fake. esp ceilena her contacts look miserably fake

has Kareena had a nose job?

looka at kareena...blemishes on her face...bad skin

DANG!!! priyanka's upper lip is like nasty looking

eww i really h8 d way Kareena applies eye liner...n celina lukz soo scary with dose contacts...dey all have tonnes of make up....but i jus luv aishz eye make-up

celina, Bipasha, and Aish wear waaay too much make up. Especially Celina!
And Priyanka's lips look so nasty in that first pic. In the second pic they look ok.

what is with the fake contacts everyone is sporting these days. they're horrible!... i like the pic of ash here. i loved her pics from this fashion show.

i really love amisha and kareena skin,
they have flawless skin
i dnt like when they put soo much make up
it make them look like they has put the cake on their face,
pc is pretty but her lip seriously need to.........
celina's make up is wayyy tooo much
and shilpa and ash look good, but i prefer ash's face in her old days
now she gne chubby

They all wear too much makeup and they really don't need it..

Priyanka Beautiful??? SHe is hideous..wat with that different contact blue and yelowish??? and Bipasha OMG she look like those Dancers from Kerala. I didn't know they put on 3 kg of make-up everyday. Kareena look normal (which i meant in good way..) and Ash is next. All others Geisha...

Priyanka is really a superstar, she is pretty as well as too smart. & Aish is a beauty queen

all of them looks fake expect priyanka!! too much makeup caked on.. i guess they never herd that less is more..

no one is perfect.
i basically dislike kareena but i guess she is beautiful.

eww all of them got so much powder/foundation on except kareena..she got too much eyeliner/kajal...they basically look like a cake that just came out of the oven

bipasha's got so much powder on!

celina jaitley ke teeth main tamato sauce fsa hai

bips n ash have too much make up on.....piggys alrite....amisha don't no....slipa's lookin gud....celina pretty....kareena looks differnet now....she looks much better i think....

kareena looks niceeee

shipla priyanka WORST ONES infact i should say better not to comment

Kareena looks great

ewwww priyanks lips are horrible she looks like a pig

they all look scary

haven't seen amisha for a while. does anyone know if she's got a new movie coming out soon?

LOL @ anonymous 2008-06-03 08:21 for saying aisha luking gawjus "as always"
hahahahaha......... u r so blind!

kareena n priyanka look great...ash looks scary

aish and priyanka r lukin gawjus as always but amisha needs to plug her eyebrows...grosss

damn! all f them sporting contact lenses except for aish and kareena ofcourse,,,, n iam still in shock first pic of celina w/o contacts OMG! IS SHE feverish?

bollywood there's no mahima here

shilpa as alwyz looks pretty..kareena NO COMMENT..priyanka very simple and natural

shilpa as alwyz looks pretty..kareena NO COMMENT..priyanka very simple and natural

hahaha..celina,bips,aishwarya and mahima look so damn scary
agreed shona..shilpa's skin looks awesome here so does kareena's

i agree..shilpa looks comment
celina wears alot of heavy makeup..other than that shes pretty..priyanka looks pretty very natural

shilpa has da best skin...some of them are so scary looking, thankx for sharing!

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