Deepika Padukone returns from Rohit Dhawan's Wedding in Goa

Deepika Padukone returns from Rohit Dhawan's Wedding in Goa 0
Deepika Padukone returns from Rohit Dhawan's Wedding in Goa 0

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Anonymous's picture

twice with RK according to Rajeev ....

sweet00parul's picture

haha pak fashion.. what a joke...

Anonymous's picture

whatever she wears she always has that grace..very few people in bollywood are comparable to her in that way..

Anonymous's picture

I love Abu Sandeep they have such a classic collection of simplicity and modern mix.

Morisim's picture

Dhe kind of look like Hema's daughter. It's nice to see her with her hair out, Got so used to seeing her with her hair up or braided.

Anonymous's picture

She is like a doll and always charming

Anonymous's picture

her outfit is nice and it looks good on her

Anonymous's picture

Lokin gr8

fleur's picture

I like it! She sure has the body and height to carry off that dress? long kurta? whatever it is. I know it would look overwhelming and huge on my frame.

Anonymous's picture

She looks like a church father

Anonymous's picture

So cute

Anonymous's picture

Deepika's haters are just fools who try to criticize her at every opportunity. Fashion is about comfort especially on a trip so fools what were you expecting her to wear

Anonymous's picture

She's wearing an Abu- Sandeep

Anonymous's picture

by no mean this nite gown can be classified as a travel garb

Anonymous's picture

summary and a femanine boho sheek look for a sunny goa & comfy aswell for the flight...liking it...

Anonymous's picture

Looks nice

Anonymous's picture

Love what she is wearing..! :))

Monique's picture

I like her dress!

Anonymous's picture

she looks stupid as always

Anonymous's picture

God..Is she wearing a night gown? :P

DailyMail's picture

I really liked what deepika was wearing. Again, please fix the title. It's not Varun wedding. It is Rohit Dhawan's wedding.

filmychica's picture

It's not Varun Dhawan's wedding.

and i like her oufit not the hair.

Anonymous's picture

she always copy sonam .poor creepika


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