Deepika Padukone without makeup

We can see a huge difference that makeup does to her face...

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dips aint lookin very bad however there is a difference in her when she has makeup on and when she doesn't hav any makeup on, personally i think she has improved in her acting than b4 so i wouldnt jus start hating her cuz of her looks, also she doesnt look dat bad without makeup i mean see people like sonam, aishwarya, kareena, priyanka...they look pretty bad...

ouch! what did i just see....

she looks typical hindi girl.. nothing changes except her eyes.

She looks MUCH MUCH better with out make up.. wow.. soooo excoticcc

Sheeeeeeeeeeeee, makup mai he itni gandi dikhati hai to without makup to gandi dikhnahi hai.

rather without padding i wud say!!

I do not care if she is beautiful or not, but on screen she really bores me, she is not quite an actor, her voice is terrible and she needs to work more on her acting skills, and talking about her looks, she looks like any other girl, nothing special at all. even I look better than her, way better but was not lucky enough to get a chance in bollywood hehe well I never tried anyways LOL. When you talk about an actor please focus more on their acting skills rather than their looks, and there are feeeeeeeeeeeew actors in bollywood who deserve to be there. the rest are there just to show some ass and some boobs. is sonam an actress ? is sonakshi an actress? is kattrina an actress? and the list is so long, they are just a bunch of stupid girls with nice bodies who will get kicked out once they become 35 lol.The dudes always stay longer cause they are much talented. i actually started disliking bollywood. For a change of taste start watching world movies, korean, japanese, dutch, Moroccan, german, French... they make nice movies as well and you always end up with a moral.

She is beautiful with or without makeup, she has beautiful features and she is gorgeous, so stop hating, people with have low self esteem bring other people down to make themselves feel better.

I am sorry but I would like to point out to all those who think she's ordinary...she has great skin, beautiful shaped eyes, gorgeous smile and perfect teeth...that is just her face for her super toned arms and long long legs?!! C'mon, we all know she IS beautiful. Makeup only enhances her beauty...that doesn't mean she is not don't be jealous. Not every average girl looks like that!!

She is a very, very, very ordinary girl extremely, extremely, extremely overhyped! If she was treated like the many actors who try their luck and are given just the same amount of respect and attention, I would not have a problem with this girl at all. But the fact that she is treated like there has never ever been anyone so beautiful, so talented, so amazing just makes her over valued, especially if you keep looking for signs of these in her face. And it's not like she got recognised for her talent step by step either, from the second she came on screen, we have been force fed to look at her and think 'how beautiful', just like with ash. And then, when Karan Johar behaved so rudely with Anushka and Ranveer saying they were unattractive and not beautiful, you realize that media and entertainment industry is so manipulative about beauty. Anushka is just as pretty/ ordinary as Deepika and she being dissed so when an ordinary girl like Deepika is called 'beautiful' annoys me.

looks gud

still hot!!!

did u guys got married or attend a wedding without make up? For film stars everyday is a function andf important.

she's the cute baby face .. just beautiful :)

haha! she does have make up on man!

There is beauty in every face .... I never liked her when she started but she does have great features and a great facial structure for her body. She's wearing make up in both pictures though .... one is with full make up .... eyeliner, kohl and all .... one is with probably the just the primer, base and concealer all the work they do before applying eye makeup and all. The pictures are shot differently as well but she's wearing make up in both. Even without makeup you can tell she had great set of features even though her skin is messed up and uneven without proper makeup but she still looks nice.

nice darling.................................................ABHAY

very cute....

deepika is so butyful


She OK looking but leave her alone...much better than Priyanka Chopra & Sonam without makeup.

natural beauty!

who the hell say that she is not wearing makeup...they must be blind for god sake.
my unbiased opinion : she is very average looking.


u look really u deepika,........

she is a better do without make-up, harini you are shallow....

She looks better without!

she still is wearing make up. its just porbably not proffestinally done

she still has mkeup on on that pic....all the stars look that or even more different on their witout makeup pics. so no surprise at all!!!!

she still looks pretty int the 2nd pic even without makeup

Deepika naturally has pretty features but her complexion is no where near the perfect peachy you described Anon lol. She is very dark. She appears light with good makeup and lighting. She had make up in both pictures. The first she has full make up and the second she has foundation and concealer. This is her with no make up or minimal as I can't imagine any actress going without at least a base.

deepika u look great with out make up be always without make up.u and ranbir r a nic couple

her confidence tells the whole story of her beauty

She has very nice features naturally! So there is no need of makeup!!!
- the perfect peachy complexion: not too dark or too light
- the big eyes (no need of mascara or liner)
- and a beautiful smile (look at those dimples!!)

u can see she has makeup on

Deepika I love you so much!you looks beautiful even without makeup

she got a face that looks good without makeup the bone structure and everyting
and when she is made up she looks even more beautiful, as to body, well that
is apparent by her photos, model type body

even in her young modelling days that face and body is stunning natural beauty

VERY PRETTY..she doesnt need make up

just goes to show the wonders of makeup................................

lets face it....the bollywood industry is all abowt looks,and if u have the potential to act and look good then hey its a big bonus....oh and by the way deepika is beautiful..

deepika doesnt need makeup

she still looks really beautifull.She has a girl next door look(in a good way)
if i were a boy i could falll in love with her

she has makeup on in the both the pix!!

she looks good without make as well...i rather kiss her without make up..she has the sexy cute look

she's wearing makeup in both pics, but it's just that in the second pic it's different and not that good.

She has makeup on in the second pic! I have seen Deepika in real without makeup and she is really dark (nothing wrong in being dark but I'm just saying she doesn't look like that without makeup).

she looks good.... her face kinda oily maybe coz of flash

i have seen worse pic of her... she wasnt this pretty before OSO
infact she had very thin eyebrows making her face pretty weird

but she looks fab now and thats all tht matters

this is nothing...have you seen western actress without makeup! u`d scream and run! hideous they are. Deepika is looking just fine compare to some other celebs.

I still like her, look at those cute dimples :)

she looks like a black camel....

you cant see a huge difference because she has so so much makeup on even with the white shirt. for example, foundation, coverup, blush, and medium brown eye shadow.. its called natural looking makeup. i just saw her at the premiere yesterday of CC2C in NY and she is not that pretty, or NICE in person. she was total standoffish and akshay was so sweet!

1st pic of her luks like her cheeks r swalloen

have manners u pels look carzy

have manners u pels look carzy

have manners u pels look carzy

LOL these pels r sacary wow!

LOL these pels r sacary wow!

uh deepika stil has makeup on because she is very dark in real life.

she looks cheap with and wiyhout makeup

crap, both pics have makeup. the no makeup face is the one wen she was outside wid ranbir n his cousin. that pic was posted in pinkvilla.

her eyes look lighter in the natural photo. wonder which color is the real one.


she has good skin though:)

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