Fake PIcs of Bollywood actress

Credits: bollycreavity.com

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Kareena looks hot. She really fit into the picture

Almost fooled me

kajol is the best

so f* bad !

people look carefulllyyy there is no rani pic ....


it is not a bad pic from afar it really looks like a real picture

I am hottest beauty Pritty Zinta & Kajol I like it


Hi my name is Arif sexy

Whr s rani man?! If u r thinkin d one in black s her then no tats not rani, but kajol... N ya kajol s lookin weird...

Preity and Kareena 2gether ? both enemies ! lol ! btw, Karishma's looking real than PZ,KK, and KD :)

The hotties of bolllywood

preity is kul..........

Umm why are people referring to Rani?? She's not even in this pic

wheres rani...i think kajol da only one who looks weird all othes r gud

karishma could pass out for a white girl. She looks like a typical californian blondie.

interesting...:D funny pics..it looks like rani has extended her neck for some reason :D

sum fake pics are very nice more than real pics n they look beautiful in fake

kajal and rani wud look much better like that!

that karisma pic with blonde hair looks so real....and suprisingly it looks good too


hahahahaha..rani looks the weirdest and funniest of the lot..LOL

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