Finally Amrita Rao has a Boyfriend!

Rumour has it that the girl has a boyfriend at last! Amrita Rao has lost her heart or nearly lost it, to a guy called Farhan. And no, Ayesha Takia (whose boyfriend's name is also Farhan) need not worry. We are talking about Farhan Saeed who replaced Atif Aslam in the Pakistani band 'Jal'.

Apparently, Amrita was shooting for a music video for their new album, and in the process bonded with Farhan. Apparently, Farhan has been frequenting Mumbai and is not missing any opportunity to spend time with Amrita.

Farhan is the boy in the middle:

hope it's not true b'cuz i don't like him not b'cuz he's pakistani because i'm also pakistani but i think he's not very handsome and she's really pretty but he has a good voice!!

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yuh looking so cute:)

I rely luv am amrita rao

very nice&sexy girl

u looking so beautiful in vivah movie.

i kiss you everu time in a day.i love you more than r very cute and beautiful

i kiss you everu time in a day.i love you more than r very cute and beautiful

I Loves ur beauti but i hate ur fig...........

Amrita I kiss you every time day and night I love I love so might all night kiss you you lip you niple your cheek your nick your leg your novel your all body I so kiss you my love

Hi to everyone of yous!
They are both handsome and beautiful. I downloaded all his songs and watched all her films.
I think Farhan is really really good, i mean he has got the best voice, can be more than Mic-Jackson's.
But i think he should'nt try on her (Amrita rao). Because she is so beautiful and so cuteyyyy. Amrita rao should be with Shahid Kapoor, therefore he is so handsom and they can actually make the best couple in the history of making love. I wish, Amrita rao go with S-kapoor. Vivah is one of the most best example.

i love farhan butt amrita is not as beautiful as farhan he must dnnt like amrita plz farhan i beg u 4 dis

Funny .. cause Amrita is rumored to be with Gohar .. the guy on the left and every post they have called him Farhaan .. pretty funny everyone wants to post but can't get their facts straight .. Farhaan is in the middle and Amrita is rumored to eb with Gohar

OMG i think i am gonna dye laughig...excuse me?!? pls but is the author of this topic bloody idiot or just some1 with a good sense of humor? cuz that guy is goodlooking...PERIOD...and Amrita is just plain lukin girl...please tell me you are joking or are just a racist person!!!

hez the guy in the center...!.uhhh.......hez got awesome voice!!

i think farhan is far better....he has a huge fan following...both in india and overseas..hez toooooooooooo cute....and amrita is no good match for him....ask me...n l say m betta.....!! heheh....!

Good for them!

he is actually quite good looking. look up his pics on jal's website at jaltheband dot com.

She can do much much better.

ive searched of his pics online! hes GORGEOUS! just bad pic here!

this is a bad pic guys, he's actually quite good looking!

the middle one. i don't think it's true though!

i think he's cute!

which one is he from the pic?

hmm He looks kinda Average.. Well! love is blind..

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