The first indian woman to become miss world - Reita Faria (1966)

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She will always be the first Indian Woman to be Miss World, just like How SUSHMITHA will ALWAYS BE THE FIRST INDIAN TO WIN MISS UNIVERSE, NO ONE CAN TAKE IT FROM HER, u are a loser at this Aishwarya, u will always be the second!! maybe u are way ahead of Sush now, but u will always be the one who lost to her!!

she married David Powell a doc and she is a doc herself

shes way better than ash

shes absolutely gorgeous!
so glad she didnt go into bollywood!

bore so bored

NO indian women can match your achievment what you have achieved in the beauty pageant we honour our thanks to you madam. Please release your biography Or update you stories, so the world can know more about your life and family



Really pretty!!!

She is really pretty!!!

cool. thanks for sharing.

I knew about her ages ago, cos my mum had told me about her. Hadn't seen both of these pics before though. She's really pretty &obviously must be really smart too. I'm glad she didn't waste her life with the film industry like all the other Miss Worlds.

thanks Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 2008-01-22 09:55. for the update on this lovely lady

she is not that pretty

class act


I liked the way she respected her medical career so much, she said no to Bollywood. Now she dared to be different. Desis are DIVERSE and unique.

Great afrada !! Thanks for an eduational and delightful post.
Now here is a DR we can be proud of. :)



this is what I read about her:

A simple, very bright and serious medical student, Reita entered Miss Bombay on a whim, and walked away with both the Miss India and Miss World titles with her natural looks, charisma and wit. Despite a hectic years as Miss World, she wanted nothing more than to return to her studies, quietly, and spurn offers of fame and fortune...which was not an easy situation with the press. She met David Powell, a fellow student, who took a protective arm over her. The two went for postgraduate studies at Harvard University and moved to Dublin, Ireland, where Reita practiced medicine and David was a Professor of Medicine. They have two daughters in the medical field, Ann Marie and Deirdrie.

she is indeed very pretty!

what happened to her, where is she now, does any1 know Nisha X

1966...and then 1994..quite a huge gap there
This lady is soo good looking..i had only heard about her and read abt her..thanks for the post afrada.she should have joined bollywood :)

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