Hazel Crowney Desi Sexy Indian Hottie

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Hazel....u r too good..bt u knw whn i saw u first time in mp3.. U R just fabulous. I have seen yur all movies nd all R my favourites specially " Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar " This one is my favourite
I like Hindi movies nd yur work in Bollywood is outstanding
Now waiting for yur next movie in Bollywood
Nd one tip specially for U " Sach main khule Baal suits U better"....
like U alot


hazel you are the most beautiful girl i ever seen

salam iam rehan khan from afghanistan i like she she is very cute and beautiful iam big fan of she if she so i will be thank ful ok take care bye

hazel u r like school girl u r so beautiful see me at mindfrakepandit@gmail.com

whoa KAtrina was exactly like her, diff is she is Salman's 'friend' n famous now

hazel....u r too good..bt u knw whn i saw u first time in mp3..i dnt lik yr these type of pics..i reallyyyy dnt lik all people see u in short clothes.wish i will talk wid u one time just.tc sweety.don.diego@hotmail.com

so someone who takes their clothes off is hot??
please have some standards she is pathetic

there are dime or dozen cross breeds in Jersey city New Jersey. these are american born confused desis,simply known as ABCDs. No Sooooooooooooobeautiful etc,etc.

she is a bitcccccccccccch

She is tooooo sexy.......


Wow hav u seen a hot, hotest indian ?? Hazel u deserve.. I am dull wen seein ur face, b..Bs

nude pics of her ?

she is quarter indian only. i knew she was white when i first saw her film due to her features.

hazel ur soooo cutie pie...u just "rock"..!!!

yakkkk she should have clean her filthy feet before taken the last pic!!!! :s

she so hot..........so sexy...........every boy lov her.............

shes from England...she's 1/4th desi...il have to check on the rest :)

what is hazel? imean where she originaly from

yeah she's shayans wifey! :D

really keen observation!!peeya r c is ahayan munshi's wife..rite?

this girl was sooooo awful in Mp3!
she looks like a mix of Yana gupta and Peeya rai choudhry to me

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