Hrithik celebrates birthday with media

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Credits: pinkvilla

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my mothers birhday is on 10 th jan

Awww Happy Birthday Hrithik ! Your the hottest guy in Bollywood!

omg their boys are so cute

I wanna eff this man sooo bad, do i have to ask his wife for permission?

@ Anon
why is hrithik never with his sons?

Thank u 4 asking i thought i was the only 1who notice that. maybe they are not his children.maybe he don feel luv 4 them. maybe he stil a child in mind or hes jealouse they take his parents love an' attention

what's happened to him? his face looks so sunken and sagging

Not looking his best. The second son is so cute.

Hrithik looks good here. Suzanne should get her way with him and get a girl now she has such beautiful kids - she should fill the world with more of those genes for the next indian generation

I give her one thing her kids are beautiful

suzan is hot lookin ..
m hating hritik's ALWAYS COOL ATTIRE ..

suzan is lookin clasic... woww ...

m hating hritik's attire .. always being casual is nt cool

why is hrithik never with his sons?

From the current lot..... I like Hrithik and Abhishek as people.... whether their films are a hit or not is a different thing...but they are so nice as humans. (I do not know them personally...but you can make it out in 12 years)

love love love him... God bless him

aww I love u Hrithik

her tattoo looks trashy

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