Hrithik roshan at his sister sunaina roshan's wedding with mohan nagar

The Roshan Family - Papa Rakesh roshan, mom Pinky Roshan , Hrithik Roshan with wife Sussanne Roshan at Sunaina Roshan's wedding to Mohan Nagar. God bless the couple and need i say duggu looks good.

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Credits: pv

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they're divorced now

LOVE what Suzane is wearing!

this is very beautiful pic and my favourite hero in rithik roshan

hrithik you are a inspiration for me

you are osome

Hrithik sir u r best person in the hold world.....ur a good son,good hasband,brother..and also good papa...

i love u man. ur such a lovely human being. i cant express in words

hi!hrithik you are my super idol in bolywood...god bless you and also ur family..i hope i can see you someday lab you so much muaaaaaah......


brother hrithik ur best actor in the worldai wish u ur family

nice pictures Hrithik roshan, I wanted to see your all family...
Finaly,In this page I found it...

lovely....hrithik. u r not only a handsome person but also a good human being.

i loveee you hrithik......

wish sunaina all the best in her future life - hope this man will take care of her

beautiful family.

hrithik mom is so gracefully beautiful

hey that's a Manish Arora outfit Suzzane wearing!

Such an adorable family the simplicity -nothing made up about this family .
Love the 1st and 2nd last pic ...Hrithik and Sussanne look so cute as a couple

God bless Sunaina and wish her a happy married life .

Susanne looks so pretty and young!

This is one of the most humble families in tinseltown and extremely attached to each other .
Hrithik and Sussanne look so young themselves and i love Sussanne's anarkali .

Sunaina has been through so much in life ,i wish her luck and happiness with her new husband Mohan .

God Bless Them!!!

Papa Roshan doesn't look too happy !!! Best wishes to the couple.

bless them.

cute parining :)

@Annon Thu, 2010-04-22 10:28

The lady in the second pic is Hrithik's nani .

who is the lady hugging Hirithik in the second pic?
I wish this couple a happy life. Hopefully her husband will not hurt her.

wish them happiness

wish them happiness

Why does papa Rakesh look lost...? Oh dear, they really need to snap out of doing those hand gestures. So uncool. Lol.

they look awesome as a family...happy and content. maybe bcoz of all the hardships they faced in life, they look very grounded.

God Bless

wht a sweet adorable n beautifule family.. its the best bollywood family ... love all of thm alott ..god bless them

where is her daughter?

Love her outfit ! xoxo

they always "do" the shocker and with suzzanes outfit from 2 weeks ago of the school girl im thinking these 2 are in denial of their actual age! Ahah
But like what she is wearing also glad to see their family isnt miffed as reported earlier from this relationship

hrithik is just great

Did y'all read the Savvy feature on Sunaina Roshan? it was amazing. she's been through a lot in life; cancer survivor, abusive husband/in-laws. God bless her for surviving all and hope she has great happiness ahead.

Hrithik's mum looks cool!!

loving hrithik new hair style... :D

sunaina look sooooo cute ...

omg this is the most sweetest pic for hrithik, his mom and wife.. aw bless
but wish they havent pose for the hand........... its old now o_O
p.s: love suzanne's anaakali....

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