Introducing Sunny Deol's son Karan Deol

Sunny Deol's handsome son, Karan, who also goes by the name Rocky Deol. He completed 12th last year. There were rumors last year that Sunny will be launching him soon, but looks like that was just a rumor.

Karan looks cute and I think he can surely try his hand at Bollywood. What say?

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hi karn u r very nice .

acha hai

hi karan u r such nice you next super star boolybood...

hand some

no handsome

hai how are u you are looking vrry quete and smart i' paa fain .

no one can look like sunny deol

i like sunny deol sooooooooooooo beutyfull pasnelity i love sunny ? im naveed khan email.add.

i m also punjabi. myself Naveen from punjab (ludhiana). karan i proud to be an punjabi .burraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hi, karan come into the movies.........i like deol famly

ajay chavak

hi karan u r such nice


he looks better than most of the new comers. He's gonna rock.

karan looks nice

hi..... hw r u

dharmendra sunny bobby in my opinion legend but sunny son not


shakal pe mat jao

he looks evil

I want to ur mother's photo

and who's is his mother??

i want to meet sunny deol and his famliy to pls reply me my id
my number 7874611919
pls reply meeeee
deol famliy power full familyyyyyy

we are wating ypd part two
keep it up

yamla pagla dewana


ordinary...none of granddad's looks

sure i wanna be part of india .. i love india ..

big nose...

he so cute n handsome
all the best for ur great future in bollywood.......................

too cut doesnt work in bollywood most of the time.There are so many cute boys in India but its always ordinary looking srk n big b who make it big

filmmaking is a money making get the kind of movies the majority wants...and they love seeing star kids initially there is so much hype around them that it translates to money...if the star kid is good he/ she will be succesful..if not then they will fail....who is anyone to say what someone should or shouldnt do? its not like u are financing the movie...if u dont like it..simple dont watch it..and if you wnat proper acting all the migh consider the watching theatre

hi. every i love my salman bhai ....Love U...... please salman bhai help me i want ur help because you are superb i had given more than 20 audition. i love you please call me my no. 9220987227/9323266123....

i highly doubt every person on this site wants to be famous so there is no resentment.... people are so dumb if someone makes a rude comment abt an actress they say its jealousy not all opinions are out of jealousy some are the plain truth learn to handle the truth.


i disagree with the last part of your comment the janta is foolish and can be fooled easily, hence all these d-grade flop actors who are the spawn of other actors.
i can easily say with all honesty that 85% of the actors and people in bollywood dont act, nor have any acting skills, for women its a fashion show and skin show in most films and ALOT of horrible actors are getting by becuz of mummy and papas name and fame and paisa!

Thu, 2010-10-14 05:28 — Anonymous

I am knowing this "thing". No we are not born with our parents experiance but we certainly learn from it. Our exposure to our parents, their behaviours, attitudes and careers have a great impact on who we are and what we become. Acting is as natural choice for star kids as it is for a doctor's offspring to want to become a doctor, a teachers deciding to be a teacher or a son/daughter opting to join the family business.

Karan Deol's grandfather came to the industry and earned his place in it, paving the way for his son's and perhaps his grandson's this is his good fortune and privilge. People should make their own fortune's instead of resenting others. It seems we have some cases of sour grapes here who dream of the big screen, sitting behind the computer screen will not get you on it .

Yours Truly
"fool" :)

Sunny has two sons Rajvir and Ranveer not karan????!!!!

super cute

Wow! he's a hottie for sure!


did someone say hrithik is an "exception"???

since when

Kites was citrizen kane i assume

gosh..dont beat ur head over it...there is not a fixed no of spots for actors that one star kid takes one and another person misses out..if he wants to try his hand at acting..sure why not? if he's talented and got the star quality he'll succeed...if not he'll vanish...(except of course someone like abhishek bachchan whos absolutely good for nothign but who got some films due to his dad also acting in buy abhishel..get amitabh free....)
there are plenty of other star kids who've triedtheir luck and not made gaurav kapoor, fardeen khan, karan in any only the fittest will survive!

Yeah!! really who cares..and the fact which has been analyzed by someone below that every 'other' star kids gets his/her chance in fame is true atleast in India. Why even bother to give them repetitive (fail) opportunities when someone non-filmy 'need' only 1 to make the most...

# Abhishek Bacchan - he'd have excelled in another field but forced to be in B town..poor him
# Tushar Kapoor - how come he's still in BW?
# Aisha Deol - same thing..
# Sonam Kapoor - she's a hyped fashionista when her job is acting..
# Kareena Kapoor - again hyped as size 0 and bla bla..but atleast her job as an actress can't be ignored in many movies..
I also believe, janta is 'very' clever these days and can't be fooled by every tom, dick & harry..Anupam Kher's son, Mithun's son are prime examples..

having said, those who deserve 'really' are/will always be respected like - Hrithik, Aditya Chopra, Kajol etc..
the point is - identify the job that suits you not your pocket???

Thu, 2010-10-14 00:13 — Anonymous

Thoughtful post. I agree that regardless of physical "looks" (case in point, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan: they did not have the traditional chocolate hero/hunky-faces-scoring-points that were dominantly popular when they started out. They _became_ who they are with what they had to offer above just "looks"). Agree too, that its high time true talent (rather than heredity alone) gets its due attention. It is good to see that nepotism is not overly predominant (Aishwarya Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, and few others) and hope that it doesn't become so.

@Wed, 2010-10-13 16:27 — Anonymous we do do inherit our parent traits but not their persnal experinces which they attained in their entire lives n acting is 1 of it... u fool.... u shud be knowing this thing!!!!

To Anaon @ 14.00:13

Agree with you. Very well said, yaay.

looks a bit like joshua jackson

No one is begrudging him and just because something always has been done that doesn't make it the "best" thing.
Slavery always has been done, but really...isn't it time we turned our minds and hands to improving things? We did it when we asked why we couldn 't try to cure smallpox or create light that could shine in the nights so why can't we broaden our outlook about something like this?
Just because one doesn't think that every child who slips into the world via the sperm and egg of someone who made a picture at some time or other in their life "deserves" as if by divine right, a film contract doesn't mean we "begrudge" THEM. Maybe it just means that we'd like to see someone with more to offer than a convenient sperm/egg pairing get the chance THEY are "begrudged" because we are too lazy/indifferent/scared or obsessed with kissing ass to move forward to even ask the question.
Now look at this kid and tell me, is there ANYTHING, from these pictures that makes him look as if he is more arresting or charming or talented than a thousand other guys?, there isn't, so really, who cares if he's "Sunny Deol's son" or the son of Sonny the cab driver?
Please don't argue to limit opening opportunities to more people than the lucky few who have good fortune on their side already.
The point is that unless the kid has talent or is exceptional in some way (case in point Hrithik, who was an industry kid with an exceptional star quality physical beauty) there is no reason he "deserves" a place in films.
Let him prove himself on merit or even interest first.

Kinda looks like Ranbir.

Def no where close to Abhay Deol, Rocky lacks the height too.

xD xD xD he looks SOOO much like my cousin xD xD

not good enough for Bollywood..there are many talented actors out there and these untalented star kids come n steal their spots.!!!!

Getting so sick of all these star kid brats. Bollywood needs some new blood. They need to go around the country and do talent searches.

who are we to say he should or shouldn't try his hand at films . . . maybe hindi cinema shouldn't be about family dynasty's but it is. So we either quit it or put up with it.

We shouldn't begrudge star kids for every bad one there is a good one.And it is gentecially proven that we inherit our parents traits is it not?

I completely agree with

Wed, 2010-10-13 12:58 — Anonymous
Why should he? Filmmaking is NOT a hereditary monarchy. How about looking for some talented actors and actresses for a change instead of someone who came from such and such mixture.

So just because he "looks cute", he can try his hand at acting?!!!

he should wait some years

i think he looks like sunny first photo. cute boy.. sunny in his young days looked so much like him. bobby deol is my fav among the deols though. he is super cute. and so it abhay deol. i guess all deols are cute and handsome..

Why should he? Filmmaking is NOT a hereditary monarchy. How about looking for some talented actors and actresses for a change instead of someone who came from such and such mixture.

He looks okay. I have never seen pictures of Sunny Deol's real wife. Can anyone post it please?!

hes on twitter?

Yeah it'll be lovely to have him in Bolly! :D awwe! He looks cute ^.^ and so much as Sunny on the 1st pic :P thanks for sharing :D

from Dana.

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