Isha Koppikar & celebs at her birthday bash

Isha Koppikar's Birthday Celebration held on 16th,September,2012 at the Taj Lands End in Bandra.The event was graced by the birthday girl Isha Koppikar along with her mother Nandini Koppikar & mother-in-law Mona Narang. The celebration was enjoyed by prominent personalities to the likes of Zarine Khan, Rakshanda Khan, Anita Dongre, Poonam Dhillon, Krishika Lulla, Neha Barau Shroff, Kiran Juneja, Maheka Mirpuri, Anjali Jethani, Lali Dhavan, Pavan Khanna, Lata Patel, Manju Parekh, Pooja Batra, Roopa Fabiani, Sharmilla Puri and many more.

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Isha is beautiful and her smile is heart warming...but i dont like this dress at all.

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Tacky clothes aglore

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wow Isha is looking so pretty, she never looked so beautiful before may be its her simple make up! probably Zarina Khan got her necklace made by her daughter Farah who is a jewelry designer!

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Sat, 2012-09-15 21:44 — Anonymous

I wonder where Zarine Khan bought her necklace from? It's lovely

must be from her daughter farah's collection

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Eeesha is so statuesque and beautiful.

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@ who is Poonam's husband......she was married to film producer Ashok Thakaria,they are divorced now and hav 2 kids 2ghtr...Poonam runs a succesfull bussiness of Vanity Vans :)

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I wonder where Zarine Khan bought her necklace from? It's lovely.

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She is beautiful...i dislike it when poor wardrobe happens to beautiful people. For that matter, this entire group needs to change their clothing.

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Wow, Poonam Dhillon looks so nice, young and stylish. Does she stay in Bombay? Who is her husband?

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Is she still in Bollywood or did she give it up after marriage? She's a great actress and very beautiful.

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wtf is poonam wearing. isha looks gorgeous but her sandals, no way jose

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Poonam looks very pretty.

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What are these people wearing?

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Poonam Dhillon has the most atrocious dress sense.....SMH !!!! DISGUSTING FOR A 50 YEAR OLD LADY!!


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