John Abraham & Jacqueline Fernandez at the Housefull 2 fashion show

John Abraham & Jacqueline Fernandez at the Housefull 2 fashion show

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thank god she was hiding that belly ,I had a nightmare when I saw her belly in housefull 1 item number !

jacky looked real pretty and everything is perfect except for that wierd blouse.

i feel like there is no chemistry between this couple.jacky always seemed least interested with john...I notice this at all promotions.

there are so many new (imported) actresses....i keep wondering how many of the newbies are known by indians who don't check the internet for bollywood updates? i'm sure nobody in the villages knows jackie or zarine or shahzahn....

John's body is turining like salman khans.... he still has time....... i wish he would get his dostana look back he looked AMAZING!! Jacky looks AMAZING!!

i think grandads like john, akshay, sharukh etc need to retire from doing lover boy roles and start doing more mature roles that suit their grandad faces

JISM???! For gods sake people - you expect time to stand still?!!!! That was 10 years ago! John was a boy then. He's a man now - and what a man - SWOOOOON!!!! Anyway, he changes his physique for every film he does and at the moment he's shooting a beefed up role, so lay off him. Jeez!

ewww too muchh muscles...

john is still handsome even with the muscles but someone should've not cut off the sleeves of that kurta - looks shabby. jackie is strange looking - young yet old - if that makes sense!

Jackie and John are the hottest Housefull 2 couple! John is too buff but hot and Jackie is gorgeous!!

i agree. his jism look really suited him and made him stand out. this is a HULK look, too much :(

tacky clothes as always

jacky looking lovely......and john :/ well dont like men with to much muscles

I think Jacqueline looked the best! John is too buff for my liking. He needs his "Jism" look back :)

this is the one and only couple of HF2 who is going normally inthis fashion show....asin-akshay and zarine-ritesh were so awkward....they were tooooo close to each other, esp asin-akshay

John is starting to look like Indian Arnold...which is not a good look!

cheater! uh dislike him so much after what he did to bips!!!!

Weirddd top! But I like the way they drapped the pallu, like that ot covers her stomach!! She looks pretty.

John is too muscled, again. I prefer him leaner.

tacky jacky wants to settle down with Johny now ? a who*# cant be a house wife u know ! John looks good !

Maaan. I love John.

she is stunning!!!! i wanna be her :/

eww wot kind o an outfit is that john

john is yammyyy

i really like john,,,but he looks like popeye in indian attire,,and jackeuline is trying hard to appear desi
but shes appears even more western then katrina kaif,,,but good to see a sri lanka ..enyway

Jackie is sooo cute !

asin and akshay were waaaaaaay better

horrible clothes by john

Hot couple! John & Jackie look gr8 together. BTW, is Jackie seriously contemplating marriage with Sajid Khan? Ugh!!!!

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