Kajol Devgan at Durga Pooja Festival

Kajol Devgan at Durga Pooja Festival 0
Kajol Devgan at Durga Pooja Festival 0

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Anonymous's picture

kajol very bad

Anonymous's picture

rani looks great...kajol needs to take off her glasses and wear some white strips

Anonymous's picture

kajol is the best.i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee KAJOL Very Much

Anonymous's picture

rani and the cousin in red sari, black glasses look nice

Anonymous's picture

Her sunglasses are hideous..!!

Anonymous's picture

i love how kajol is helping to serve food and rani is sitting to eat regular food with regular people. sweet

Tindolu's picture

wow wow wow !! i love kajol s dress, n also rani is looking nice out here.. but y all the cousins are together at the moment??

Anonymous's picture

In first pic.. kajol is looking completely like her mom

fashionista's picture

oh first anon, thanks so much. seeing jyot mukherjee for first time.yeah sharbani mukherji has light eyes too like all these sisters.

Anonymous's picture

Aww, soo cute and natural

Anonymous's picture

2nd pic left to right: rani's sis in law jyot mukerji, rani, mishti (Her niece) and kajol serving bhog.
4rth pic lady in red saree behind kajol is sharbani mukerji (their cousin)---she was in border and in some hindi music videos


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