Kalki Koechlin & Sophie Chaudhary at the Vogue anniversary bash

Kalki Koechlin & Sophie Chaudhary at the Vogue anniversary bash  0
Kalki Koechlin & Sophie Chaudhary at the Vogue anniversary bash  0

Kalki Koechlin & Sophie Chaudhary at the Vogue anniversary bash. Sophie is wearing a Ramona Narang dress with a Herve Leger clutch.

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Anonymous's picture

Sophie what she wearing........almost transparent ......every thing is visible shameful.

fleur's picture

Kalki has had a lot of great looks recently, but this one is so drab. What was she thinking? That colour paired with the black is such a downer. And I don't like what Sophie is wearing or how she styled her hair. It makes her head look too long and conical.

Anonymous's picture

Kalki looks so sophisticated and elegant. As for this Sophie, what was she thinking wearing this dress? Can you even call that a dress! Sheer fabric, flash photography?? Duhhh.

Anonymous's picture

Love kalki's outfit, the hairstyle, and overall look give a very 1920s vibe

Anonymous's picture

What is sophie's profession?? She is in every party of the town

spicylia's picture

Kalki , playing with colors ..simple yet beautiful

Anonymous's picture

sophie's dress is a see through ,OMG i can see her nipples.

Anonymous's picture

Sophie always dresses very well and combines it with great accessories!

Anonymous's picture

sophie's dress is sooooo see-through.

Anonymous's picture

Sophie's nipples are clearly visible through her dress. What a Shame!

Anonymous's picture

Kalki looks really good but I've seen her do better. Sophie looks stunning. Never seen her do a look like this and she really pulls it off!

BollyFanLuver's picture

Wow Kalki, nice colors! Sophie too, but that necklace is not quite working with the dress somehow

kohinoor's picture

Never a fan of Sophie ,but she has nailed the gown
Disappointed with Kalki,she usually has an impeccable style

Anonymous's picture

Kalki looks beautiful.
Unusual dress, but it suits her.

Voiceswriter's picture

The best I've seen from this event. Both Sophie and Kalki are killing it. Nice job ladies.

Anonymous's picture

flop dressing from kalki and sophie


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