Kangana Ranaut at HT Mumbai's Most Stylist 2011

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Credits: pinkvilla

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horrible make up ! the dress is not very pretty aswell ! i dont think that black really suits her !

Her scary eye make up is too spooky !!!!!!!!!

not the biggest fan of her legs either, but tehy are way better than sonams trunks!

Queenie and Shobha De are looking like dried up prunes! Hideous!

she looks sosooooooooooooooo chic and sophisticated . youve got it kangna. you look awesome

On observing all her recent appearences
i can bet she is trying too hard to copy the old
RIHANNA becoz all these sharp bob cuts
and catty eye make up have been tried on
RIHANNA nd no doubt RIHANNA rocked all of dem ,
maybe kangana can succeed but till now i dont think so

Her legs are like Sonam Kapoor, shapeless. Other than that Kangana is stunning, she has the attitude to carry off this style well.

She looks like she's gonna play a negative character in a fairy tale, like Snow White's mother or something.
The only time when that make up would be aceptable, is Halloween.
And the satin dress looks so wrinkled.

Queenie has become so skeletal.... she looks dead...

very daring!! but she looks better without so much makeup


what's with kangana's fixation on star wars costume??????????

Halloween party anyone!

god! get rid of those horrendous eye brows please! i dont care its a fashion statement, but its utterly hideous!

copying victoria beckham

With the eyeliner, she reminds me of Asha Parekh ji

She's been looking so edgy & mysterious because of her role in krrish 3! Wow really getting into character Kangss

she needs to chill with the rihanna inspired looks..

Ooh scary esp. the close-up. I miss her smiles!! her fresh and natural looks! But she is a fashionista in her dressing..she wants to dress this way. Just go slightly easy on the make-up Kangna, choose the right shade.

shobha de has spewed so much negativity all her life, it oozes out of her like a smelly aura

horrible face and energy

something about that dress is a bit off. interesting eye makeup choice. love how this girl experiments.

dresss is ok bt make n hair style is sooooo awkward

Victoria Beckham lol she is wearing too much makeup

i love her,but i think she is fixated by Rihanna lately.Pls Kangna stop doing this to yourself.

She looks like a clown-asaurus rex.

omg eww overdoing the eye make up and that dress is not fitted right..it is too long on her and makes her look stocky and short..

i hate her posed looks. but she looks nice when she smiles

oh god kangana! will you stop with those severe looking poses already....nobody just nobody can do a victoria beckham but her...so stop with the mourning /scary looks and attire and dress and pose like the sweet girl that you are...

This girl is fearless, she experiments all the time, Kangana is also my role model, proud of her

failed experiment this one..!

wow kangna is my role model a poor himachali girl a self made actor

kangana looks so gross
and shoba aunty its time to retire - skin is saaging yaar

She is way too pretty to be wearing all that makeup :/
Wish she'd go back to being herself.

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