Kangana Ranaut at Provogue bash

Kangana is in Dior.

Credits: Pinkvilla.com

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She has no expressions, whatsoever on her face, and she is here to become an actor! Throw her out of Bollywood!!!

Effortless style and class.

simple uet beautiful :)

She is flawwwwwless! Perfect body - not trying too hard, she is a great actress and model.

Too caked up! Wrong fundation, it's oily and much lighter than she already is, wich turns to be grey! But her dress is perfect, perfect color and cool hairdo.

Too much grey oily fundation on her face and on her knees WTF

say paneeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr

She is simply stunning with an enviable figure. Love this look, everlasting.

She looks really elegant!!!

I agree bad pout..she cud have smiled a bit and would had completed the look!

She is so likable.

It is quite amazing to see, she comes from s small town, when she joined bollywood she could not even speak English, which is so imp in bollywood, how ironic, being a hindi film industry.. and then look at her now, she is so classy, amazing dressing sense.. I am so proud of her, Its not easy to get yourself to top without any backing, she struggled a lot, lot of people took advantage of her, but I am glad she is successful now, really wish she gets to do some good movies too. Gal is talented.

shes got a great figure

she looks fab.the color looks amazing on her.i love her hairdo.it suits her a lot.

Kangana looks European

love the dress..she look gorgeous:)

Wow, she looks amazing! Like a 50s Hollywood star!

I just have this feeling that she is not a nice person!

perfect make up, perfect styling and such a nice colour on her!! she is up there with sonam in the style department :)

I like Kangana's natural look. She uses light tones which gives her face a glow. But I don't understand why these actresses don't out some foundation on their neck and shoulder area if they are wearing clothing that shows those areas?! Can clearly see the difference in complexion. It's make-up 101!

Can she plllllllease lose that fake disgusting pout???? It's like her lips have been glued onto her face. Feel like punching her mouth in.

she is pure class....that dress looks made for her , perfect!

Kangana looks stunning, colour really suits her.


bad pout

she looks great, but her makeup looks madeup... its very hard too maintain foundation in mumbai's hot humid weather

very classy - wow!!! she looks great in pink.


She looks amazing!

Lovely. What a face! And a perfect trim figure.

Pretty in pink!


One thing about Kangana is her makeup is very Hollywood rather than the cakey, false eyelashes, contact lenses bollywood starlet makeup...the kind of makeup that shilpa shetty, ash rai are always seen wearing

KAngana you look SMASHING !!!!

Love this dress and colour!!!!


she's by far the most interesting actress in bollywood

beautiful & chic. she is probably the most versatile bollywood actress, as of late. in fact, i see her as being almost too good for bollywood. her looks & acting ability can easily transition into hollywood roles. her scene stealing performance in 'fashion', and 'woh lamhe' equals that of halle berry in 'monter's ball'.

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