Kangana Ranaut at Venky's Mumbai Fighters and Bangkok Elephants Match

Kangana Ranaut at Venky's Mumbai Fighters and Bangkok Elephants Match. I never expected Kangana to be a wrestling fan. Also spotted is Sonu Sood.

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Credits: www.pinkvilla.com

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i hate the outfit and haircut !!!!

Gorgeous + Talented, just slightly misunderstood!! She is definitely better at character driven roles as oppose to the senseless comedies she's tried her hand out recently.

make up is ok,side bangs r good too but tat tail on side bangs just not doing.and that sherry/strwberry/whatever on footwear not looking good here,it looks childish.

its nice to get awards, but rewards are even better

Those loosers always needs to copy from Europe or America like monkeys.

Don't like the dress much.as for the whole look and her eyebrows... it was trending in Europe at least from 2009.I guess it has reached India right now.

She looks gorgeous!

The new hairdo is horrible.I hope its just a one event hairdo

I really really like Kangana. Yes, she is stylish, has a nice dressing sense and all that but she's got talent. She could be so much more. She's been working on her diction and it shows but I hope she works harder. She could act the socks off most of the "actresses" around.

picture perfect ... she looks wooww

Kangana I want to see you like this everyday....it matches perfectly with your skanky personality

and alll this time i thought she was amrita roa

She has radiant and flawless skin

I love her look! She doesn't do the common bollywood starlet style. Other-so called style icons should take cues from her. Fashion isn't about labels, but making your own mark with your personal style. Kangana has done this. At least she experiments with her look and rocks different avatars each time!

Apparently low arch eyebrows are the trend this year. Someone at my work place sports the same eyebrows as Kangana these days.

this womes really carries guts to experiment with her look everytime.....

This girl takes risk with her hair and her styling all the time. She has been a winner 99.99 percent of the time! Beautiful

if the "girl in dragon tattoo" is ever re-made in hindi (of course bollywood always copies movies from hollywood) then this girl wil be the PERFECT fit. I hope some director is reading this and decides to remake the movie :O

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