Karan Deol, Siddhant Kapoor & Suraj Pancholi at DJ AVICII gig for Sunburn

Karan Deol(guy in white shirt) is Sunny Deol's son. Siddhanth Kapoor is Shakti Kapoor's son and Suraj Pancholi is Aditya Pancholi's son.

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Credits: pv

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Salman khan is going to launch suraj pancholi news confirmed ...

Siddhant and sooraj are the starts here ! Rest need to do something else ...

Suraj pancholi is the only good one here .. He's gonna make it ,,, all the best...

sooo many losers lool why is this even occupying space lol

All losers in one party. Good.

All look worse for wear,especially Karan Deol. Sad, drinking from young age and thinking their 'cool' Wake up guys! Its not good.

so sexy suraj..umaaahh...super sexyy

shakti kapoor son like shakti kapoor....all kinds of bad habits.

Suraj Pancholi and Karan Deol are very handsome

Dharmendra was so handsome, sunny was ok.. N his son .. No words

I thought the first guy was ranbir

Suraj Pancholi looks cute :)


Aditya Pancholi's son is the only good looking guy....so far!

hahahaha future of India! makeing us proud lolololol

Are they old enough to drink? They all look SOO young.

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