Karan Johar on Masala magazine cover (April 2011)

In a recent interview to Masala magazine, Karan Johar has apparently spilled the beans that he is soon to marry.

When the Pinkvilla team contacted the Karan Johar camp, they denied the news.

Is Masala pulling a April Fooler?

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Credits: facebook

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also people who are close to him some actors who are his buddies keep asking him about his marriage and when he'll tie the knot and I'm sure they would know if he's gay or not and would NOT ask that question.

How do you guys know he's gay? No seriously you guys talk on and on about celebs who you don't know personally and it's ok to assume from pictures and all like you do about rest of the celebs they're clear showing what happened or what is it like .... but there have been no pics of Karan kissing any guys or in an official gay pose I understand where you're coming from but still stop doing that .... it's mean he might actually one day turn gay seeing he's sensitive. He's huge in Bwood I'm sure if he was gay he would admit it and I'm sure he WOULDN'T be joking about GAYS in his films if he was really GAY .... GAYS don't do that. It's not gay when SRK poses in weirdest ways but he's gay because of the pose? He's not an actor and of course he would try to look his best anywhere because of the name he is. If he was actually really gay .... he would NEVER let that "I'm willing to do anything" story let out on national tv which he let out not once but twice or thrice on his show .... you guys are forgetting that he decides where a recording goes on air or not he can record again or edit it out.

lmaoo the manhattan bridge south of france is so KJO but then he does want his little pets shahrukh and bebo to follow him around so he may have a big reception at his house in mumbai


when clearly KJO is so GAY !
on an aside, i think he is actually against the institution of marriage prolly cause of what he saw around him.. or wtvr.

Kjo and his gay pose is he and SRK finally getting married?

I think Karan can just love himself!

cherrycrush, witty comment about SRK clone. Haha.

But what a cheap mag.

WTF ?? SO HES NOT A GAY ?? kidding with me ?? OMG !! and kats OUT from salmans life ?? ok then whos the new girl in his life ??

woah.....why are people bringing michael jackson to the discussion here?he wasn't gay.ugh.

anyway,this can be a complete april fools joke.or maybe not.who knows?


Biggest JOKE!! April fools? are they fooling themselves? they sure are not fooling us...everyone knows that Karan is Gay

Karan is foresure gay. He marries to a woman it's just to hide his gay image. He such a huge celeb and have alot of power, why afraid to come out? He shud have come out and support the gay community in India.

karan has always expressed how he feels about marriage so I don't think this is true. But if it is, wowza! Hey, people do fall in love unexpectedly. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai. He does look great on the cover. Since april 1 is here, hmmmmmm

it's either an april fool's joke, or a contract marriage like someone mentioned...societal pressures, maybe even wanting to start a family...who knows.

I always hated Karan Johar...He is just so fake, manipulative and pretentious...
I never had any problem with him being GAY...Thats his preference

i agree, april fool's edition. lol

If he is marrying a woman, it must be a "business arrangement" ie. a fake marriage, probably for his image.

What?? Did I just read Karan is getting married??

Karan getting married? Have they cloned SRK yet? lol. Anyways, yup PC is obsessed with Bebo. Insecure gal, I guess she knows that she can't possibly compete with bebo's beauty, talent and family background.

Talk about being gay...think Priyanka has a thing for Kareena as well? She needs to come out of the closet as well!

sounds like an april fool... Karan is gay

I wont blame pc being obsess with bebo, even her man shahid is, they always mentioning kareena everywhere...im sure shahid aint over kareena his self, wouldnt blame him/her shes someone to be fida about.
also karan getting married to whom? women, man,??? nnyname? katrina story is to fake...sallu and her are togather...playing about with media.

guys honeslty there is such a thing as being metrosexual. he may act or seem "gay" to you, but maybe hes not. there is a full chance that he likes girls. you cant judge someone without knowning them, juss sayin.

obvious... they'll show his favorite place & then say tht he is in love with NYC. crap... & we're expected to find it funny.

He is 100% gay..there something definitely wrong with this report.

i cld not see anything except priyanka's face on that cover...oh my godDDDDDDDD!!!!! and 'prinks'? does she want to be called that now cause 'piggy' chops sounds too close to a certain part of her face...?

lmao,I heard about this,like his mom or something set him up w/a girl and they got along perfect
But I doubt it,like he always says he doesn't wanna get married,he won't get married

I think it is april fool Joke..

yes I am sure this is a contract marriage, just get away from his Gay image. feel sorry for that gal.. Anyway but even she knows what she is getting in to..All natak.

im getting sick of him. kwk is a gross show.

If hes marrying a girl thats an even bigger shock then him getting married... lmao

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