Kareena Kapoor at Imran Khan's reception

Kareena Kapoor spotted at Imran Khan's reception hosted by Aamir khan.
She is spotted with her dad,

Credits: pv

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no comment

bebo is best .love u bebo

i jus love d way Kareena flaunts her sexy belly button thru her transparent sarees!

kya nabhi hai kareena ki? saif roz lick karta hoga

shes is so beautiful love her :)

american girls wear bikini in front of whole family...so what its only the perception of a person.needs to change..pl think big not cheap....she is in sari.....tat to gorgeous like her...

eek! too vulgar for a wedding and especially infront of her dad! shameful

Kareena looks gorgeous. I really like the pic with her dad. Nice to see she is bonding with her dad. It would have been a perfect pic if Karisma was on his other arm.

Beautiful N sexy D word 4 Her

Kareena u looking absolutely gorgous and classy.
Love u and also pleasure to see u
U r the best and keep rocking. Ignor these jelousy who have nothing else to do. Lots of wishes

i'm a girl and i cant take my eyes off her, the entire look is awesome!!!! as fashion_maven pointed out the hair, the red nails and the black see through saree, evrything is just, very sexy!!!


cheap people r those who gv cheap cmmnts 4 bebo.kareena is most sophisticated dressed actress 2day.she wear better dresses than other actresses.she has a style mark.i love watever she wears.she is elegant nd very classy girl.i like her attitude.her personality is so impressive.muahhhhhhhhhhh 2 bebo.

she looks so yummy so cute.dnt diet.u r fabulous babe.most hottest nd beautiful actresses of indian cinema.luv ur beauty my cuty bebo.

she looks gorgeous but could have worn a proper blouse!

She's looking gorgeous!! I love that saree, on anyone else it would have looked plain and boring, but with her, those nails, that hair... Awesome!

i thought preity and ms. bebo were not friends................what is this???

Her face and head are humungous
She has huge bags under her eyes and her nose is too beaky BUT......there's something so sexy about her. I think it's her attitude. She has very high self esteem. I like her because she is an actor as well as a star. She has the talent and the charisma. That's what makes her Numero Uno!

OMG even some girls in the west would hesitate revealing this much in front of their dads!

OMG!! so much negativity regarding Bebo. Get a life all u losers. She's looking absolutely elegant & gorgeous.

I wonder how comfortable all these actresses are when wearing such costumes. She better not wear saree, a loose blouse with skirt will do. Can show off her slinpre. What is the saree for to cover her boobs??? Cheap people!



wow she is just gorgeous and beautiful, perfection! her abs look great and the saree is just stunning! nice PERFECT!

Cant help feeling that she is the female Salman!!


she looks beautiful

well what if its the 21st century? modesty can never go out fo fashion!

How about wearing a Benarasi silk saree for a change rather than the same old tranparant saree with tube top?!

absulutely gorgous and saxy. looking fab. and stunning. loving u and beautiful skin

I was just seeing the poll...Kareena hot body...give me a break..if she doesnt define it its hard to figure out where her boobs and bottom are

Flattering saree!

Her looks says 'look at me, I am so cute'! I wish Kareena would think less of what she is wearing and showing and just be herself for a change.

Belly is going back to what it was... Go back to your yoga and orange-diet Bebo!!!!

Looks awful. She is ageing FAST!

kareenas midriff looks yummy,the face is a let down as usual

some ppl r so backward...it's 21st century...go back to ur village & wear ur burka..if the dad is smiling & happy..who the hell r you? get a life...if u have nothing good to say...shut the bleak up & move on to the next blog? it covers the top & bottom?

Here comes all the Khan's chamilee!

she looks smoking hot n plzzz dats not a bra its a beautiful blouse

It's probably the camera flashes that's making her sari appear even more transparent. Awkward family pic with her baring her navel like that, ha.

Lol, she covered her boobie while posing with Daddy.
Anyway, must admit she looks pretty hot.

i love that sareee....she loooks gorgeous.....love it

she looks stunning, but wish the blouse was bigger, love the pic with her dad.

i LOVE it nice and new style

people saying its a bra etc. that depends on your mindset
but its 2011 and people are still prudish and suppressed ok

insanely sexy..just that she should have had saif in tow and not her dad!

Its the same saree that Ash wore at the filmfare awards only in black versus Ash's white/cream color.

LOVE her saree!!!!! She looks awesome...I guess u need tht rocking body to pull off this see through look...kuddos to her she did it ^_^

she should have worn a different color sari and a better blouse. she looks like a tramp.

haters shutup shes gorgeos in india who has shame so wats the point aish showed clevage frmt her inlaw and every1 dresses like this its normal

Omg i love her saree agree comment below kat and bebo best dressed at the event but i prefer little long blouse for the saree.

That's not even right, did she forget the top part of her sari? The only thing I like about this picture, is the color of her nails.

it's so good to see her with her dad but i miss saifoo with her.

beautiful lady! she looks so elegant

bebo looks so beautiful. so good to see her with her dad.

awhh she looks gorgoeus! and love the pic with her father!!

last pic awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww damn cute! x

lve her nails and hair :)

defo MM saree its pretty and simple

wow sum1 gimme her saree its gorgeoussss....and she looks gorgeousssssss

im finding it hard 2 not look at her omg saree, nails, hair, face, figure, smile, all beautiful, and her cute poses just love it!

shes wearing a bra infront of her dad? where is the blouse?\
this look does not suit her at all!

kareena & katrina are best dressed in this event

what weird clothing to wear neway.....but even weirder infront of ur dad.....no sharam left.

awww luv da last pic.....cute..she looks stunning like always, shes so much like her papa, and luv her saree!
nice 2 see her in events shes a busy women

EW! That blouse is horrendous!! Why does it just have one strap? Weird. She looks too.. I dunno.. BLEH. I mean, why wear BLACK?!

Too bold for a marriage reception.. she looks more like an item girl !

not right for this occasion..she should have covered a bit more..next time bebo

OMG i nearly fell of my chair seeing them pics of bebo. she looks sooooo HOT.

I'm soo gonna get my gf to buy a similar sari lol

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