KAREENA. pics...BEFORE the BIG weight loss

WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? better before or better now?
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Credits: google/kareeak.net

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the before pic should be from the don song sequence. evry1 was about to write her off after the ...

Come on, she was not that fat!

she is looking horribly fat..... but now after weight loss she looks like chicken which have cancer ............... lol


She looks better now. Now, she looks healthy and fit. She was a little chubby before.

she looks extremelly cute in the last photo
thats how she should have stayed
but still looks million buks now as well

first of all, it wasn't a "BIG" weight loss like you suggest. she wasn't thatttt big before. she was a healthy weight before and now as well.

before is better then now

I like her better before she had those sexy curves

Kareena and Shahid look great together on the catwalk

perfct figure now!!

looked better before, with right amount of weight balancing her head to body ratio. now her head looks like a bobble head on her pencil thin body.

i just loved her dress in the first pic
she looked damn sexy...

woow , she is amazing

she lukd gud thn she luks gud nw...her sense of fashion has changed with her body so shes always lookin gud.....some of these need more meat other need u to b thinner like the recent red sequin dress

both are good, in their own ways.

I think she was better before!
Well in these pics it's definetly before!!!!!!
But she is pretty after the Big loss of weight too.

she was beautiful and she is also beautiful now with weight loose. she looks fit and trim. keep it up. you are the best and no.1

she was so beautiful before but now she lokks like chusa huwa aam

Definitely used to look prettier b4.

thanx guys
i know she looked so much better before

she looks lovely in 3rd,5th,7,11th and 13th and 9th.
13th is at top.

Her new figure is great but she has a really huge face and the new figure is not in proportion with her face.


the 6th pic is really nice!

awesome stuff here..wonderful pictures..loving the 3rd..4th 5th 6th 7th 9th 10th 11th pix..IMO she looks good both ways..she knows how to carry herself and can pull off anything with ease and style!

i think she was better in the middle of weight loss....now she looks sik...and yeah the glow on her face comes from makeup

she wasnt fat at all but now shes too thin!!

i think she shd gain some weight back.

def better before....MUCH better before. head + body WERE BALANCED!!

shes looking good in da 7th pic....and she did lose a lot of weight in da first pic...thankx 4 sharing

redrose - really nice set of pics but i think the first pic of her in blue was AFTER she'd lost weight. same with the pic of her in don. she'd already started loosing weight.

redrose - really nice set of pics. but i think the first pic of kareena in blue holding the award was AFTER she'd lost weight. same with her in don. she'd already started loosing weight.

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