Kareena's patiala suit in Jab we met

Kareena's patiala suit in Jab we met 0
Kareena's patiala suit in Jab we met 0

I just cant wait to watch this movie. I am not a big fan of Kareena but this movie gives me the vibes of DDLJ which is my all time favorite.

Seen here is Kareena in a patiala suit. I found it amusing as i have rarely seen her in salwar suits before.

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DJ's picture

forget it honey

  • 8 years ago
  • minolkhan's picture

    DJ i am not creating a scene girl. I just noticed that whatever harini posts, you both pound on it and put something negative. When everyone else find the post ok. I know you are entitled to an opinion. But i found it very co-incidental that you both pound on it together one after another that too negative.

  • 8 years ago
  • DJ's picture

    speak less minol..dont create a scene.it was just an opinion

  • 8 years ago
  • minolkhan's picture

    DJ and Karabi . looks like you girls got some issues seriously man! Harini good post.

  • 8 years ago
  • M·A·C.x.Princess's picture

    I love it wow..she looks absolutely gorgeous..lovely

  • 8 years ago
  • Deleena's picture

    she looks really cute...they've kept her look more natural-ish in the flick to make it more real...i think she rocks the patiala salwar...

  • 8 years ago
  • Karabi's picture

    Bang on..the post was fine but the write up was silly

  • 8 years ago
  • DJ's picture

    i agree with anon. and moreover she has even said that she prefers salwars to anything else.but i like this one too.she doesnt look anorexic anymore..i am so happy!!

  • 8 years ago
  • Anonymous's picture

    ohh harini u dont watch movies atal dear.
    she has worn salwar suits in all most all her movies..omkara..mujhe kuch kahena hai..hulchul..just to name a few.

  • 8 years ago
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