Katrina Kaif at Farhan Akhtar's birthday bash

Katrina Kaif at Farhan Akhtar's birthday bash

Credits: www.pinkvilla.com

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She is looks pretty....love her dress

ooh Please people who complain about the cameras in her face
She need them does not have anything to offer but beauty to stay in Bollywood

This is what I call average...overhyped to the max.

looks like it took her all of five mins to get ready; lol; socialite she is not. but so adorable

she looks so lovely even with minimal makeup...the hairstylying could have been better though..!!

Omg I just wanna slap those men...back off people...don't like Katrina but this seems such an invasion of personals pace...gawk at her sure but please back off...no wonder she looks flustered. Celebs want to be in the public eye yes but that doesn't mean they don't deserve common civility.

Can anyone tell me what kind of accessory she is wearing in her right hand, its a black strip & looks like a watch to me.....i had earlier seen the same kind on Priyanka but a light blue one......please tell me the name of that watch...PLZzzzzzzzz

I hate the papprazi 24/7 on her face, man the fans esp guys come so close.

Man this girl is so so gorgeous, she has such healthy skin and hahir, she is one OF THE FEW ACTRESS that can step out in plain simple pjs or jeans n tshirt, with no makeup and still look lovely.

im sure she is wearing a lipstick or powder at least; do you think anyone is going to attend
a party with nothing on the face? she is beautiful; pls accept it and move on and for the
person who doesnt seem to have a clue that botox removes wrinkles, a girl below 30 does
not need botox

kat is wearing makeup- but just like the basics it's minimal and the forth pic is so simple yet beautiful

love her dress its simple and beautiful ...But her face should look like this after leaving the bash and not before!!

LOVE the yellow on her. but she seriously needs to change her hair style !

Mon, 2012-01-09 06:14 — Anonymous

Look at the fifth photo, that guy whooing her. That's what she has going on for her, men that like her body. Thats all she really accomplished, how sad. Probably thats why shes looking sad around the guys, it reminds her what her status really is....

^^ How true! And when she gets old, she will be forgotten. Even if remembered for WHAT? Sheila Ki Jawani and Chikni Chameli? lol

she always looks sad

99,9% of the 'no makeup' shots with actresses, Hollywood and Bollywood, you see on the Internet are not 100% without makeup. They still have foundation, concealer, brow pencil/powder, maybe some tight lining and blush on.
But this kinda 'no makeup' look doesn't correct features. It only unifies the complexion. If you don't have pretty features, you'll still look washed out.
No offence to Kangana, but have you seen her 'no makeup' recent pictures?
It's with this kinda makeup you see who's naturally pretty and who's not.
And, though I find Katrina pretty annoying, she's naturally pretty with a fresh complexion.

While I think Katrina is very pretty and fresh, imo, she would have looked nicer with a rosey lipstick and some small dangling gold earrings. But, none the less, she is one of the few actresses that still look nice with minimal makeup and accessories.

to all deluded ppl saying she's wearing no make-up, lol are you kidding me?? she clearly is wearing an oil based foundation all over her face and neckline and white concealer underneath her eyes, covering all that with a pressed powder to make her skin smoother and to loose that oily look, plus there is an obvious touch of peach blush under her cheek bones, comming to the eyes, she's obviously wearing a brown mascara...that's called a non make-up look!!

Her botox term of 3 months is over! I soo hope she isnt going for a next term

The side profile of her face is not nice

katrina have still done natural make up

Kat looks lovely.like her dress.

Love the Dress, Looks really pretty! why is Kat so sad, she should smile a bit!!

I love what is she wearing ... the dress looks really pretty!

Look at the fifth photo, that guy whooing her. That's what she has going on for her, men that like her body. Thats all she really accomplished, how sad. Probably thats why shes looking sad around the guys, it reminds her what her status really is....

love this girly chiffon dress, it's so feminine

Cute but Wheres her cute Smile!!

HAHAHAHA without make up? lol mate you need to get your eyes checked. she is wearing lots of make up to give her a "natural look"

without makeup shes looking so cute..but now a days shes looking little sad, lost..but still cute fr sure.

pretty woman

what lovely girl, all kind of dress fits Katrina

OMG stunning

wow so natural and stunning

very simple

she is cute

Artificial beauty Plus snapped by professional photographer,

woow kat looks pretty, she's one actress who doesn't apply makeup alot but can still manage to look good.

Another expression less face, I wonder what people see in her! She has the most life less eyes and dead beat expression on her face always!

awwww love her simplicity.

look tired, too busy recently.

she looks annoyed by all the fans getting in her business.
i would be too LOL

she's looking tired, but lovely!

Have KAt and PC worn the same dress to the same party?? Except PC's in red and Kat's in yellow!!

katrina looks amazing as always

kattu looks GORGEOUS - what a lovely yellow !!!!
also her face is back to normal - see !!!! botox isn't permanent

Kat looks lovely here :)

Omg flawlessly stunning without makeup

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