Katrina Kaif at the Manish Malhotra Show at LFW

Katrina Kaif at the Manish Malhotra Show at Lakme Fashion Week. Katrina is spotted with director Karan Johar.

Credits: www.pinkvilla.com

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oh nt at all gud.......dress is nice bt dat credit go 2 manish.....bebo is 1000000000000 times beautiful dan her.

Her skin is not glowing naturaly, ye sab makeup ka kamal hai

simply stunning

Looks so beautiful...Kareena must be seething with jealousy since she looks fat and homely in her dress...Kareena, you can keep charging rates as if you are number one, but the fact is you are not....you are #2 at best

Simply breath-taking

beautiful GODDESSS

So boring. Why is she dressed like a grandma? She is in her early twenties, she needs to dress more youthfully.

What is she wearing? She looks like she belongs on a prarie.

Simply wow...

her skin is really glowing. i think it's her best asset. that's why she looks better than deepika whose skin looks lackluster.

she looks totally indian and a beautiful one

her nose looks different, again!!

Plz look at d first photo, zoom it if u ve to , n tell me tat she hasnt had fillers... Any1 can tell u tat she has used cheek fillers coz tats not natural look, even if u ve put on weight on d cheeks... Blind fans, just like ash fans, ll deny tat she s natural... Its just not natural looking, she s lookin like zarine khan there, ... Abs bad face

she is a gorgeous woman...but she is so much like aishwarya both have same expressions on their faces all the time,both look boring despite the fact they are gorgeous..it isnt the case with sonam,rani,preity,kajol,madhuri!!

i can look at her forever

..and i'm a girl

sosososo jealous!!!!!!!

shit she's gorgeous.

by seeing her i feel an essence of happiness as if she is tall she has a broad body structure at the same time. iam as tall as her... and i get a satisfaction by seeing her that broad girls dont look that bad:)

ohh so elegant...deepika learn something!!

i like her look very much .in past i didnt like look in indian traditional clothes but i think that she is one thebollywood actresses that i like seeing them in sarees anf anarkalies

something missing if she had duppata around her neck or in arm then she become more gorgeous

Definitely will not look good in old age from her features

She looks like a Princess! Lovely.

queen of our hearts

missing a duppatta! Needs a dupatta to complete the look

kat is a stunner...so elegant and dignified

she luks so luvlyyy

so beautiful

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looking pretty

Beautiful lady, an asset to Bollywood, people who dislike her must admit that she has the pulling power at the box office, and love the fact that she never bad mouths anyone.

she is really looking drop dead gorgeous, like a kashmir ki kali, more like a royal princess. she is the show stopper tonight.

WOW! She looks so dreamy......can't take my eyes off the pics *-*

She looks very beautiful! I love her outfit

she looks awesome

She looks SO stunning in such a dignified way! Way to go, girl

Goddess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL girl

Katrina thinks she is the Barbie of Bollywood with that Mango Looking Face. I beg to Differ.

I CANT STOP LOOKING. How can someone be this beautiful. So elegant!

BEAUTIFUL !!! OMG she looks beautiful , & i love the dress , so dreamy & romantic..

WOW, I LOVE HER ANARKALI! She always chooses the prettiest ones n she really should wear them almost all the time becoz for being a english girl she SUCKS in western clothes!

I LOOOOOVE her outfit. it's simple and elegant yet very pretty :) wish I was that tall to be able to pull of such an outfit. It's easier to carry it off when you've got length.

beautiful . no words. this girl is beyond beautiful

That outfit has swallowed her up entirely. I really dislike Manish Malhotra's designs!

her and deeps wearing so much makeup, but she looks better her body and hair and everything

looking pretty ordinary. The dress has been made too simple. Atleast a lil more lower neckline would've made the difference to fab.

OMG she is so frikin beautiful
the most stunning girl i ever seen in my life !!!!!!!!!!!

she's very ordinary looking

Wow her love her suit...so whitey!

WOW!!! She looks like a goddess!!! She is the true showstopper tonite!!!

PRINCESS :) luv her!

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