Katrina Kaif & Ranbir Kapoor at a Rajneeti Press Conference in Delhi

Cast of Rajneeti (Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal & Manoj Bajpai) at a press conference in Delhi.

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Credits: http://movies.rediff.com/slide-show/2010/apr/05/slide-show-1-rajneeti-stars-promote-film-in-delhi.htwww.facebook.com

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kia haal hay saima

awwww!!! Kat's luking sooooo cute in the white dress........can't wait for raajneeti...Kat is going to ROCK..:)

@anon 12:21 i agree with you! katrina will do a great job in this movie i feel bad for her haters because there all jealous girls too bad katrina might actually blow a lot of ppl's mind with this movie katrina's actin is a lot better than new actresses now! watch new york and watch rajneeti if u actually know something about acting i say katrina acting has GOTTEN A LOT BETTER!!!!!!!!!

Katrina looks stunning and so beautiful her dress is so gorgeous she looks amazing i have become a big fan of her after seeing the raajneeti trailers she is a fantastic actress now wow her acting is just so natural and her hindi is really amazing now its perfect in the promo she is going to give a powerful performance in this movie...

all the haters here have seen how fantastic she is in the promo so the only think they can do so they feel a bit better because they so jeulous and insecure of her is like tyring to let her down so they can feel a bit good about themselves lol..

gooo Katrina u fantastic

the movie trailer looks pretty realistic, i think it mite be good

@anon @ 8:07 There is a very fine like between acting natural and NOT acting. I don't expect you to understand it. You are clearly oblivious to it.

ranbir and manoj got foundation on their face..

She looks pretty here :)
Same! Katrina's tremendous fail at acting baffles me. But, we shouldn't take digs at Kat, it is all Prakash Jha's fault. What was he thinking? Raajneeti is serious cinema, it can only work if it is GOOD. Katrina was so bad in the trailer, I can already foresee her completely ruining the movie.

dress is too frumpy

Wow Kat stunned us in the trailer! Loved it!
Ya...she looks gorgeous as usual....lol

Kat is looking gorgeous AS USUAL!!!

loved her dress!!

JUST saw the trailer and fell off my chair laughing! Katrina..baby acting is JUST not your cup of tea :)

Kat is luking sooooo beautiful,,,,awwww and that adorable smile:)

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