Katrina Kaif Spotted Working Out with Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin Karachiwala is also Deepika Pdukone's fitness trainer ;)

Credits: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=305986786142934&set=a.276004569141156.65380.268151493259797&t

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Sun, 2012-05-06 22:42 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
looking old, well into her 30s


42 to be exact.. remember boom.. those other two girls are BOTH 42 now.. and it was a known fact who ever was involved with that movie, that they were taking 3 new girls who are of the same age..
And if you google Padma Lakshmi, and Madhu Sapre, you will see they are BOTH 42 now!

she's far from beautiful. it's only her body, that you can say beautiful.

2 insane girls. serously. you really think any woman should take tips on your own body from people like Kat and Yasmine simply because they look healthy ? WAKE UP !!! woman's beauty isn't only about body, is a mix of features that makes you beautiful. but of course people are so immature if the think unlike

Seriously?! Linking Katrina with Hrithik? Come on guys grow up :/

katrina is not talented at all :/ even i dont find her sexy :/ no offence

common guys.she of course is good lookin.i remember those days when i was in school in punjab,india and one day watching an award show was going on on TV and katrina kaif was hosting it in saree and was speaking so decently too.she was not star and had Not even BOOM Released too. And suddenely My mom who doesnt like bollywood movies an all,came in and saw her for second and said this girl looks so pretty and look gud in saree and speak so nicely,she should really try in bollywood movies.
NOw I am in north america,when i see Katrina kaif i remember my mom's saying.( my mom still dont know she is star now lol)
But agree her acting is not good.

Sun, 2012-05-06 14:19 — Anonymous

nothing special about her! seriously
i agree with you guys
i like her but she's not that beautiful compared to other real gorgeous women
even her body is not really feminine, small ass small boobs,
The best thing about her is her hair, lips and belly. And her personnality.
acting = Bad
dancing = Good.

i agree wid dat cos If u r beautiful ppl ll notice you n the first glimpse.We didnt even notie her n BOOM even after she exposed her imported assets.Unlike Kareena Aish or deepika...one look at dem u wanna sort of know thier name and see more of them

Media and Salman literally shoved Katrina into our throat.....

Exceptionally beautiful girl....gr8 features

She doesn't want to get criticised like Ash so Kat hits gym.

her dancing and acting--both need improvement. Instead of only working out, hope she spends time improving her work and getting some classical dance training..
looks are ok..she is slim and tall (I wish Rani and Vidya had her height)

who is the mad person bringing hrithik in this post for no reasons... hav u seen znmd interviews. he was so awkward with her.

lol the first picture is kinda funny!!!!

theres some WEIRDO out here posting on Pinkvilla! katrina is posing for hrithik!!!! LOL LOL LOL!

She WAS pretty, indeed!

looking old, well into her 30s

My sister used to go to Yasmin and she is crazy. She is a VERY hot tempered woman.

This Katrina Kaif is born with an extra portion of luck to have made it so big in Bollywood inspite of her looks and her lack of acting talent...thank Salman Khan and who ever other that may be responsible. When they keep praising her for Kalyug 'acting', I have to stop myself from LOL'ing!

who is the crazy person continuously posting about Hrithik and Katrina? I doubt Katrina has feelings for him, after working with him she realised that the man is as dumb as her! did you not see the Koel interview with the two of them?

they wore makeup coz they knew photos will be taken .
katrina is very much an average looking girl only difference she is lucky to get so famous with average looks and acting skills.

nothing special about her! seriously
i agree with you guys
i like her but she's not that beautiful compared to other real gorgeous women
even her body is not really feminine, small ass small boobs,
The best thing about her is her hair, lips and belly. And her personnality.
acting = Bad
dancing = Good.

i c she is already shaping up for Dhoom 3. looking great as always.
She has the best figure in town.

Look at kats double chin in the first pic

perfect body

what is sooo gorgeous abt her??
has a cute,girl next door face..nothing unique abt her...also her face and body complexion is different....look at kareena or even ameesha or kangana or even anushka...they have flawless skin and she is the one who stresses the most abt how she looks nd keeps herself fully groomed,farah khan said this.

hrithik save this bimbo - let her know your feelings and go out with her see if she matches up.

Katrina we know of your intentions to ellure hrithik. the only person hwo is unaware is hrithik and sussanne

Katrina is after hrithik, she just wants him to see how they share gym love. Dont waste your time katrina really he is REALLY taken with capital letters

Can someone upload all these celebrity work out articles pleaaassee???

Preferebly better quality..

THANK YOU for this one..

To be utterly honest i dont find this woman beautiful she is okay. she has a nice shape mybe that pulls the boys. Think about it if she was all that, Salman and Ranbir would not give her up. Like every other woman she has a huge crush on Hrithik roshan and i bet she is waiting for him to finally divorce for her sake - she likes winning and being known to have captured and defeated all. Like every bollywood heroine who cant kiss on screen and all of a sudden kisses hrithik roshan Katrina is waiting for her kill. Lets all wait and see. She used to be all over news so much then got lost (beacuse thats what you do when you want to look virginal and are aiming for hrithik rosahn's heart) SUSSANNE BE WEARY OF KATRINA KAIF!!! she is after hrithik - not only for the meer crush but to be the winner in Bollywood - the one who finally wins the trophy that is hrithik. She knows Aish has been there, Kareena has been there , Priyanka has been there, Barbara Mori has been there and all the other heroines not mentioned. She wants to defy the logic that Hrithik Roshan is practising Monogamy...These pic have been issued out so hrithik can see just how she is into Gym like him. She is using all her cards now. She is desparate. So a message to hrithik who i know reads this site and especially Katrina news religioulsy. Give this woman the attention she is craving for and check her out if she is any better than sussanne - Hrithik you really need to do this to know the truth otherwise you will always be in the dark obssessing about her. pinkville you need to post this

She looks average. Nothing so special about her except her fair skin. Otherwise in foreign you got to see 10 katrinas in every lane.

looking great...Kat =)

Did anyone notice, they both have make up on for a work out...strange!

It's more the other way around anon! Katrina stole Ranbir from Deepika and now her trainer! LOL
Anyways, I wish I could hire her! :/

Katrina has such a fat face.

that's true deepika is so insecure of Katrina seriously..
kat looks cute and fresh...!

i want to marry katrina kaif one day lol

shes average looking. why are people fascinated by her...will remain a mystery.

She's gorgeous!!! Super toned bod too!

Simply gorgeous!!! Wish Deepika wud stop stalking all the people Katrina works with.....going after her friends, her directors, her projects, her boyfriend.....she needs to get over her Katrina hangup.

Pc has best body in bw.

But it is obviously not working with deepika as deepika always looks hideous

katrina!!! i havent seen this girl in ages. where has she been

nooo I think she, deepika,and anushka got great bodies however they r very different from each other, deepika's body is more athletic while katrina got a the adriana lima type ( healthy looking) and anushka is very flat and fit like miranda kerr

I wish I had a body like hers but that will never happen

wow she look gorgeous..Her skin is flawless..Definitely the best body in BW.

she is a very good figure...

she is the only one in bwood who has the best body not deepika...

this is old...i've seen this a long time ago lol

haha not spotted, it's for a mag.
she's looking good here. i need to get me this trainer.

She doesnt have NOOOO body! No ass, no boobs.. how come in the item numbers she is busting out? in both areas?

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