Katrina Kaif's new look for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Katrina Kaif in a non glam avatar for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Do you dig her simple look?

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Credits: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=217585&id=101736989868218

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New look?

You fools are just jealous of Katrina Kaif, shes absolutly gorgeous and not fake lyk you lot. If you dnt lyk her, dnt watch her movies or songs. Shes not gna change for some dogs. Get over it. Shes perfect and blessed.

What happened to her hairs?
I thought she had volumed hair but now it look like if this is her original hair... so thin hair.. And when her hairs look wow then it must b some hair extensions. I got it from this pic.
Huh fake nose, fake lips, artificial hairs.. She is absolutely not real natural beauty with those fake looks n hairs.
And maybe her skin look flawless to many people or her fans they liked it. But now I think when dere is so unnatural wid her then her skin look good all bcoz of makeup.. Foundations.., minerals.., powder...!

Funny how all the actresses leave theri hair open and no one comments about them? Kat looks gorgeous here, she doesnt need loose hair to add to her glamour and beauty. This pic proves it.

People here have no sense of style or what? since when is wearing braids with side fringe considered teenage??

wow, some of the comments over here is just nasty. omg if u tell her to go back to were she came from, then why dont u tell ur family or relatives or friends or the trillion indians working and living OUTSIDE AND AWAY FROM INDIA, I KNOW THERE IS LOTS HERE IN US.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



so sweet

awwwwww she looks so adorable

she luks so cute

she's looking pretty!

katrina u r da best....u can do better

trying to look young, ha!

she always has really cute looks for her movies and amazing songs, but the storyline and her acting always dissapoint :(

finally some of u who were in denial can see that kat is just average looking (actually below average if u ask me)...she needs to go bakc to wherever she is from

Usually Katrina looks old and masculine. She looks like she is trying hard!

It's Pippi Longstocking!

aweee thats a cute look.

I don't think she looks average at all, in fact she is one of the most beautiful actresses I have come across

She always look the same: british face with black hair!

the only words that come to mind when i see her are - aadmi, mard, chakka,drag queen. But in the song soni de nakhre, just chill - she was so cute. kya hua inko?

5 year old? more like 35 trying to look like a teenager. She should stop trying to look so young, everyone knows that she isnt.

haha noo who is she??

Wow leaving her hair open and curled all the times hides how average looking she is LOL!

she looks cute.

she looks lovely...

LOL, THIS PIC MADE ME LMAO. WATSUP WID her hairstyle...? dnt suit her atall.

looking like a small girl cuteeee

ahh!!she is looking so nice

I don't think its a "non glam" avtar, its just gonna be a scene where she's being normal and homely, like she has been in all the pic's from this movie, its just in the others she had jeans on.

I am supprised they didn't add extentions and make her plats bigger! lol

y did she do her hair like tat?? its nt so nice...looks cute on 5yr olds....A no 4me!! women should look der ae n dress der ae to look nice.

hair ain't suiting her, live it to kids.kat!!



wow.....she is simply awesome in any look

I think she has lost too much weigh is therefore head head looks disproportionately large as compared to her body, it happens when you are bulimic or anorexic... I wish girls in the industry were propagating healthy body images

i think if its really a ''non-glam avatar'' then she must be wearing lesser make up this much glossy and whitty one along with simple clothing and hair style , as she is herself fair too as we all know by media

with this haircut she looks even more like a boy

gorgeous as usual! how can a girl look so good in candid shots with minimal makeup?!

hows it simple with a pancake on her face ?!

Aaaand she still CANNOT ACT

she looks good in any avatar!

she looks like a 5 year old. not digging the look. she could have just made one single braid rather than 2 seperate ones

NOOOO!!!!wat is dat?

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