Kim Sharma & Carlos Marin at Surily Goel's IPL collection launch

Kim Sharma & Carlos Marin at Surily Goel's IPL collection launch. Looks like their relationship is going strong.

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who is this Anonymous that keeps writing on here, ????? Regresa Mi is not the italian version of Unchaned Melody, it is a version of Unbreak My Heart. where are you people from??????

There are some really weird comments on here, Carlos is Spanish not indian as someone suggested, he was married and divorced before he started going out with Kim. I think some people need to learn the facts before shouting their mouths off on here.

Thought she was marrying Carlos on Valentines day 2010, never heard anything about it

Get a life Kim.....


Who is this guy? He does not look Indian...

We know what it is called the husband of Kim Sharma and we know how he is, Ali Punjani.
Money makes the frogs into princes.
He knows what he buys and she knows what sells. Clearly it is not love.
The wedding was more than a month. The Indian press is always so, so unreliable ...

@Respect ones private life....!

What is diplomacy--- In today's world...

To do the most heinous lowest of acts one can imagine
And keep mum about it while the media writes all sorta things on that..!! And That is dignity..!

Silly hipocratic world of ours...!!

Who have they split up...? Kim Sharma and her husband...?
If you are speaking about Kim Sharma and Carlos Marín isn't breaking news... That was, more or less, tree months ago

"Mon, 2010-08-16 07:02 — Anonymous
they have split up"
Who has split up? Carlos and Kim? It's months ago!! Or do you mean the new "man of her life"? :-)))

they have split up

Nobody is saint - not him, not you. But most people at least have better behavior than you, meaning not to spread out their private life in the public. Perhaps it's different in India, but that only shows how little you know about the man you pretended to be your "dream man". Well, you've obviously found another one soon enough...

You are right. This is about Carlos. He's no saint. Only if you knew him the way I know him you might just alter your opinion.

I thought this article is about Kim and Carlos in better times. They separated and she is already married to a very rich guy. So do we have to discuss the family of Carlos Marin? The person who wrote the article below must have very angry feelings about the Marins. Don't know why, but please don't get lower as you already are. Have respect for other people and their way of living.

That's typical Kim - blubbering about private details. Who else would do this? Leave him alone, the damage is already done - what more do you want???

Carlos Marín is responsible for his actions: his successes and his mistakes.
It's not his fault life of his family...

Mariage problems run in Carlos' family. Mama Marin is the love child from the grandmother's affair and she divorced Papa Marin to remarry a man she was seeing on the side who was the age of her daughter. And speaking of Carlos' sister, she had to flee from her life in the USA out of fear of beinhabit of arrested for bigamy. Seems she had a habit of getting married before her previous divorce was finalized, twice.

Kim Sharma has already married a multimillioner from India that is living in Southafrica. I am pretty sure that they are keeping the secret in order to publish it at a more convenient time, to once again get the best media coverage possible.

That is sheer fantasy, Carlos Marín said they do completely separate lives. They divorced for over a year. Whether they have a friendliness not mean they are in love and marriage can be resurrected.

Perhaps they'll do! Last week they exchanged passionate glances and gestures during an interview for spanish television ;-))))

I am very sad to hear that Carlos has divorced. Marriage is sacred and he and his wife should have done every thing to make it work. Going after a new wife so soon is not good. If he was with his wife for 13 years there must have been great love. they should try again to make it work.

There's no interest in that text, because this relationship is over. Never lasted enough for you to be able to find the magazine and read the article.
There are better literature and gossips out there, for you to read, trust me. Don't burn your eyes with any news about miss sharma's relationship, because you'll burn your brain, trying to find out with whom she's dating now, who is she going to marry... to much for me...

Urgently looking for the whole text of this article:
People magazine (India) march, 26: "He is my dream man"
Where can I find it?

On march, 2010, in People magazine (India) a headline in the cover says: "Carlos and Kim. A ring to seal their love". What irony, beacuse Kim Sharma in DNA , march 25, 2010 ("He loves serenade me"), acknowledges his generous gift with a stab in the back for speaking about his privacy too. What does she want, to break the friendly relationship between Carlos Marín and his ex-wife? By this way, the only thing broken will be the relationship with him, if it is not longer broken.

On march, 2010, in People magazine (India) a headline in the cover says: "Carlos and Kim. A ring to seal their love". What irony, beacuse Kim Sharma in DNA , march 25, 2010 ("He loves serenade me"), acknowledges his generous gift with a stab in the back for speaking about his privacy too. What does she want, to break the friendly relationship between Carlos Marín and his ex-wife? By this way, the only thing broken will be the relationship with him, if it is not longer broken.

In two spanish magazines: ¡Hola! ( and Diez Minutos ( on february, 2009 Carlos Marín spoke about the reason of his divorce, and he said that it didn´t have other person. For this, he is friend and producer of his ex-wife now. But, when she knows the things said by Kim Sharma, what will she can think, say and do?

Please come to Belgium where you find a normal beautiful wife ME!!! ;-)))
What a shame I really hope you will be happy in this affaire!

Kim Sharma said in Dayly News & Analisis in a interview signed by Ismat Tahseen, march 25, 2010 :[...] “We were both in Dubai for our respective work and when we managed to meet briefly, Carlos had actually arranged a romantic dinner for us. It was lovely!” Since then, they have gotten closer to each other.[...]" Sebastian Izambard (Il Divo) said in The National, newspaper of Abu Dhabi, march 29, 2010: [...] “We played in Dubai at a private party three years ago.[...]". It was in november 23, 2007. Carlos Marin was married since July of 2006 till the begenning of 2009.

Do they have a special song together? “Oh yes, it’s Regresa A Mi - an Italian version of Unchained Melody It’s so beautiful and moving. Carlos loves to serenade me,” she smiles." This is from Dayly News & Analisis, even the journalist's mistake?: ¡ It's spanish version, no italian!

¡Take care with the neigbours!. He had problems with this, in Madrid when he was with his ex-wife.

“We are working towards marriage,” says Kim

Dont make me laugh. LOL
On such like she, dont marry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only sex

In Dayly News & Analisis, Miss Sharma on 25 March 2010: “We are working towards marriage,” says Kim. “That will be when the moment is right - hoping that happens soon,” she states. But she couldn't know that his boyfriend, Carlos Marin, was living with his ex-wife, Geraldine Larrosa- Innocence, her name as solist singer- (now in Paris, playing El Zorro on stage of Le Folies Bergère) without to be married more than fourteen years. She would have to know that Spain is a country from first world and it's in European Union. And please, don't make mistakes: Madrid, it's the capital of Spain and the culture in spanish.

She doesn't speak with ALL details - but I'm very interested! *lol*

She speaks with all details about her relationship with Carlos Marín when she is beginnning the shoot of her new movie. What strange coincidence?

In Spain, knowing the mother of a boyfriend don't mean the same as India, He could introduce her as his girlfried- last summer, as the newspaper of India says that she is saying-, not his fiancée. But since then, his mother can have information about her, but he is very old for his mother has so power over him. And this relationship can broke by itself. Only it needs one of them want it, for exemple, if Carlos dislikes she way of actuating...

I guess it must be serious since Mama Marin as met Kim and she didnt make him break up with her like the cricket player's mother did. I wonder what she really thinks about Kim??????

What happen with this girl, speaking about her "love story". Is the only way for being news. And Carlos, his family and friends know this? How she is speaking about their privacy? or the certain sector of Indian press has big capacity of imagination, a little bit of truth and a big part of lie. Or, in this case, both.

I think Carlos is a good person and he helped her with this image campaigne in India but, of course, he doesn't need it, because he has a name in spanish theater, then as opera singer, -he's amazing as Don Giglio in La Capricciosa Corretta (Cd)- and now, in Il Divo, so this is no good for him. I hope this things he doesn't damage himself too much.

This publicity campaigne hasn't went so far the press of India.

And what role he plays here? And how is the name of this play?

Men ALWAYS think below the waist - even Carlos, it seems *lol*

Don't forget. he is an actor! A very good actor!

Well I guess Carlos must respect her, huh? Either that or he is enchanted by her physical charms. Men are so easy when they think below the

Why this girl doesn't make a good job in a good movies, this the best way for people knows her, not for her love affaires. Thinking whow is the indian mentality, -in european one too-, she is in a wrong way. So she will never have an Oscar and will never work with Almodovar. She will never have respect

what ingenous is Carlos Marín. She is using his name all around the world by internet, for her own free publicity campaign. Nobody, out of India knows her, till now. She is his shadow. This way is very cheap for her, but for him? What will be the price for him? Time will say it to us...


Oh my days this is the most odd couple ever! He looks nothing like Simon Cowell, more Sly Stallone may be... are like wine: the older they get the better!! a nice experienced man who is just old enough can be great and liberating for the long as hes not old enough to be your grandad lol :) and carlos is middle aged and not to mention goooooooooorgeous

And again "barbiedoll51" breathes fire and brimstone... :-))))
But I have to admit - those pics look artificial...

if you hear his voice you'll be amazed. he sounds great

They just don't go together do they? He looks soooooooooooooo much older than her. She looks tooooooooooooo easy for him. I guess I can see what his attraction for her is. But what is hers for him? I would think she would pick someone closer to her own age that could keep up with her in the bedroom and not be at risk for cardiac arrest. Boy would bollywood have a field day with those headlines.

he's HOT

hmmmm i can see the connection with simon cowell...both this carlos and simon have an outdated hairstyle...

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