Lara dutta at IIFA 2007

Lara dutta at IIFA 2007 0
Lara dutta at IIFA 2007 0

She looks so glamorous and her style sense is so much in sync with the west and hollywood. She looks suave and cool.

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Anonymous's picture

First pic is weird.

I like her hair in the black outfit more than the white. I also think black suits her more.

Anonymous's picture

one word : beautiful

Anonymous's picture

she is sweet like a smallbaby i love it

Rred's picture

for the first time she is loooking stunnin first pic looks like she has big butt....

Anonymous's picture

Awww she looks just fab!

Anonymous's picture

She looks wayyy better than her most colleagues...

Anonymous's picture

she looks glam, but at the first photo it looks like she has a big butt..

Anonymous's picture

she looks glam..


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