Madhuri Dixit Nene at the launch of Olay Regenerist

Madhuri Dixit Nene at the launch of Olay Regenerist anti ageing product. Talking at the event, Madhuri Dixit said that ''Olay Regenerist is the best product I've ever used and that women should challenge what's possible!''

This dress is not very flattering on her. Do you think she should stick to Indian wear?

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Credits: daylife

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It's good she's concentrating on ads now....Who wants to suffer another Aaja Nachle???.......On the other hand Sridevi's next with Big B English Vinglish sounds like a sure-shot winner already!!!

She looks like a 20 something girl....too young. I'm the biggest Madhuri fan and just love the way she manages her family life and her work. This is really an achievement that even in her 40s, she gets work (and a lottt of quality work) whenever she decides to work. Everyday we read in newspapers how she's getting gr8 offers from directors like Madhur Bhandarkar and others. And, see the kind of actresses she's replacing e.g.,., Vidya Balan in 'Dedh Ishqiya' or Priyanaka Chopra in 'Fashion'. I mean to say she's so good that she's giving such young girls a tough competition. Sridevi, Kajol were always here but they never got these kind of offers and there's Madhuri who just came back to India and she's flooded with movie offers and endorsements.

@@@@Why do you only complain when something against Madhuri is written? This is a gossip website, and people over here comment on every star/celebrity. Why don't you complain when people over here write about the fashion sense of Deepika, bipasha, katrina , priyanka, and others. Why don't you go to their articles/postings , and say the same...



If Madhuri has come back, she better start looking for good projects rather than do these lame PR events...Sridevi's ENGGLISH VINGLISH with Big B and French heart-throb Mehdi Nebbou sounds sooooo rocking....I am a Madhuri fan and I want her to find something equally exciting

@Nowadays, almost every XYZ considers himself/herself a fashion critic and write rubbish comments about celebs who know so much about fashion industry

We don't consider ourselves as fashion critics, but as women/ladies, we all have a sense of what looks good and what not on different people. And Madhuri here is advertizing a product in public, she is on a public platform and trying to come back in showbiz. So her appearances, looks WILL OBVIOUSLY BE JUDGED BY PEOPLE . Tell her either to sit at home, or face people 's opinion when you come out in public. And everyone here has a right to his/her opinion. Just because she is Madhuri,( India's most successful female superstar), does that mean we should always be forced to say she is looking good? Why do you only complain when something against Madhuri is written? This is a gossip website, and people over here comment on every star/celebrity. Why don't you complain when people over here write about the fashion sense of Deepika, bipasha, katrina , priyanka, and others. Why don't you go to their articles/postings , and say the same

Madhuri looks great. She's fabulous. Normally we love her in Indian clothes but now after having seen her in this dress, I can say she looks equally good in western. She's not a very fashion conscious person and just follow what her designers create for her according to the occasion. She looks amazingly fresh in this pic.

Nowadays, almost every XYZ considers himself/herself a fashion critic and write rubbish comments about celebs who know so much about fashion industry. Madhuri has been here for such a long time and still in all her interviews she alsways maintained that she doesn't understand or follow fashion very much.

She's world's most beautiful woman and what she wears becomes insignificant when she flashes that 100000000 watt smile. She gets all the attention in the world.

Madhuri you rock :-)

Madhuri looks well enough for her age. I don't think she's succumbed to the knife like many other actresses (and actors) of her generation.She looks dignified with the inevitable biological changes that happen when you reach a certain age.If I'm right, she is a little older than 44 years ,as she used to be a cousin's class mate in school. Yes, the dress could have been better. The legs look ok,but the arms look chunky in some snaps.But perhaps the Olay folks wanted her in a Western outfit.

Madhuri looks tired and haggard....And what's with that short dress????...those skinny legs looks terribly out of proportion....What were you thinking Dixit????....I am your fan but have to sadly admit that Sridevi is looking way more fabulous these days....Sad!!!!

Eeeeew! Madhuri looks SO old! she looks so wierd . her top half is fat and her legs are skinny and her face is OLD. not age appropriate at all. Ugh!

Isn't it hypocritical to endorse an anti-aging cream when you have used Botox for that affect?

madhuri is trying too hard to compete with the younger generation of heroines today. agreed she is pretty, and aging gracefully, but you need to wear clothes depending on your body type, and not copy others. Her legs are thin and nice, but she is so short in height -( 5'1"- 5'2'') that these types of gowns/dresses don't suit her.her body looks large and wide compared to the legs. She should had a taller/thinner body to carry off something like this. She better try something good next time

her legs are just EW and shapeless...most beautiful woman my foot! she is so disproportionate, and ALWAYS has been

Gosh, she's so beautiful! She's still my most favorite and in my opinion still the most gorgeous woman in Bollywood. Wow.

In Bollywood, actresses are not permitted to be even a couple of years older than the actors they have been successfully paired with (because that could only make them their bhabhis, and then how would romance come?). Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla have both had hits with each of the three Khan heroes (who were all verifiably born in 1965), which could be one reason why both women have their official DoBs as late 1967. This is more than a little risible given that a) Juhi won the Miss India contest in early 1984 and b) Madhuri made her film debut with Abodh in 1983.

(Apropos of nothing, I remember a magazine quote from one of Ms Dixit's Class 12 teachers who expressed surprise that she became an actress at all, given how she used to wrinkle her nose at Hindi cinema. Quite a double life that, to be making such statements in front of classmates and then scooting off to a film set for dhak-dhak after school was over)

Madhuris real birthyear is 1965 ...seriously let her come forward and challenge that...a liar

honestly i didnt know she has very nice legs. and she is looking very fresh in this dress.

people at ae of 39,40,54 can work then why not madhri, we forgot her power pack performance in tejab,beta,hum dil de chuke sanam,pukar,anjam,khalnayak,devdas,dil,dil to pagal hein, if in hollywood actress like meryl streep can sweep academy awards being so old why not madhuri.........90s was d age of tradition now one shud change with growing western culture.

Oh..I forgot to add...very bad makeup!

Madhuri looks tired and old. Bad skin, bad hair day, bad dress and bad legs.

Short dress? love mads but this dress not suiting her at al. She looks like old woman in teenage outfit.
Mads please stick to elegance.


It's high time she changes that hair-style and color, please!!!!!!!!!!

The dress is so not flattering on her, though she's now slim but it's just not age appropriate or at least it doesn't suit her. I am not saying wear a salwar or saree all the time. At least a Knee-high, covering the knees would have made it much better.
Her legs are not that great either. they're toned but not shapely.
Come'on Madhuri Dixit don't just turn into one of em, be selective. :(

Dress is nice if it reached the knee ..few inches longer and it would have been awesome..ah well everybody has the right to try and look younger.

i cant belive this goddess looks great what awesome legs figure love u queen!

Madhuri has got dancer's legs but unfortunately they are out of proportion with the rest of her body.

She looks fab. The dress works for her age perfectly and damn her legs are rocking!

Woah, first time after a looong while she's in a short dress like this. I don't think it looks that great, but w/e she can wear what she wants.
Maybe next we'll see Juhi in a mini as well.
Sridevi looks the best in short dresses, among the 60s born !

god those legs have grown old.and your comparing with people like PC and bips..Gimme a break

Donno, I dont dig her look. Her face is lookin old on close up shots and her legs are loking old too. Guess she needs a designer to dress her gracefully highlighting her assets. Also, I am TOO excited to see her back on the bollywood arena. guess, she needs to pick roles that suit her age and NOT try to be where she was some 10 yrs back

WOW!!! Hot and sexxyyyyyy..she can make todays heroines run for money...she's the only one actress who carries herself best in traditional as well as western outfits...she's so gorgeous and her KILLER an asset to her..Stunner at 40+..i wonder how todays actress will look at their now they are looking horrible..Madhuri should endorse more beauty she's timeless BEAUTY!!!

Her legs are better than Kareena, Bipasa,Priyanka..get your eyes check who are jealous of her...

Madhuri's legs are best than Sridevi, Gauri Khan, Kajol, Juhi, Raveena, Mahima & others...she should wear more western dress than anarkalis..

Don't dig this look. Even the hairstyle is so dated. But she looks beautiful in the 1st photo. Her legs are so skinny.

For her age, she looks beautiful. If the dress was too fitted, it would've looked tacky.

She looks fabulous...and what a glowing skin too!

looks gorgeous

have no words, just awesome

so beautiful

so thats why she is here to launch antiageing products


ohh, she always wore desi clothes all these while and suddenly changed to western?? something strange but she is looking pretty though.

she looks good!

She is looking lovely here, although I think she should have a good trainer and tone her body well..

she looks nice

She looks good for her age..Wouldn't say stunning.
I think if the dress covered her knees, it would look a lot nicer (coz her legs aren't the best toned ones, but not bad either).
She's a pretty woman though:)

i love her but i guess she should not wear short dresses not because she doesnt look good in them but because her choice of western dresses is not very good she must hair a good stylist...beautiful face is not enough....i'm glad that she is not even properly back and she got a!!

trying to look like a milf

kya baat hai...madhuri also showing off cleavage now for some attention

on Wikipedia, it says madhuri age is 44 yrs old. and if she got married in 1999 , then she was 32 yrs old at that time. so why ppl are saying that she got married so late???
also, in Dil to pagal hai, she looks so old when she was 30 yrs old....nothing makes sense here. i think wikipedia is showing wrong year of her birth. i remeber when she got married and there was news that she got married in her 37 th year. so technically she is 49 years old now

OMG OMG I want to Die.. She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome..ooohh allah :)

she looks hott. those legs are sexy. For being 40 some, hats off to her! She's just perfect!

i didn't expect this from Madhuri to be honest... still don't understand why would she do it other than to get into limelight again... i liked her a lot but this is very fame-whorish on her part to be honest...

omg she looks horrible

what a let down. she shouldbe fired from the job. She is looking old and tired not the way to convince future buyers to buy this product. Madhuri should update her hair. She is stuck in 90s.

Already endorsing products...boring. She's lost a lot of weight and looks good. Whats happen to her skin though?

wow! toned legs!!!

All the money in the world and she still wears the worst bra! Her boobs are almost touching the ground every time.

Wed, 2011-11-02 21:46 — Anonymous

Absolutely lovely to see Mads in that black dress. She should try more western wear. She's looking so beautiful. Loving her whole look.

Have to agree. She should dress much more often in western clothes although she has just moved there. I mean,I like her in Indian clothes,but they makes her much older than the real age. And that dress perfectly suits her.

I have been visiting this website for years now but never ever commented. Had to make an exception today for the one and only Madhuri Dixit.. For a while I was regretting my fav superstar's return to India.. and she seemed to be perpetually stuck in the 90's.. But my jaw dropped when I saw her in this dress.. Its so good to see her get her mojo back.. Go Madhuri!

Love this dress! she should try more & more! she glowing like a star in the sky!

not a madhuri dixit fan, but have to admit she looks stunning for a 44 yr old and thankfully the face is not stretched and paralysed with botox like some of the actresses in their 30s let alone 40s
as for the dress, looks cute on her... she is pulling it off well.

stunner indeed,thanks god she has not worn any of those anarkalis !

when you have legs that are stick like, best to hide them. they take away from the other beautiful parts of the body and make the top look too heavy...

I didnt see anything's wrong w/ the dress, thought it was nice on her.

Mads luk fab..... nt lik othr 40 plus women...who dress trashy n half their age...thinkin thy r still in teens...i.e Queenie....Parmeshwar...

Madhuri if u read dis...plzzz sticks 2 branda lik Dvf,Prada,Chanel,Stella McCartney,Gucci,Lanvin,Dior,Anamika Khanna,Elie Saab n Sabyasachi....dis vl suit ur body type....
n if u need a stylist I'm thr....vl turn u around n mak u FABULOUS

she luk so preety ..if she not have gud legs y should she have to show ...and y always with husband ?anyway she is one of my fav luk so sweeeeeeeeeet her

Looks pretty. She should dress more like this.

wow wow!!!! absolutely stunning as always!! who will say that she's 40 +Love her. what a dress!! lovely

i just simply love madhuri dixit and she does look good in western outfit but the one she is wearing in these pics i dont like it.

She looks amazing! Great to see her legs!

WooooW!!! She's looking super fab!! Should try more dresses, suits her petite frame :)

For a 40 plus woman , she looks pretty attractive...and the dress doesnt look that bad

she looks GREAt! young and beautiful

Absolutely lovely to see Mads in that black dress. She should try more western wear. She's looking so beautiful. Loving her whole look.

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