More celebs pics @ IIFA 2009

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Sonam is india's lady gaga

All of them looking good but guys some respect to saree pls. Lara, Bipasha, Priyanka ..why could not you do without so much of flesh show? Trust me, you would have looked much better without being vulgar. While Ash and Sonam aren't looking as good as others, they for sure never go for cheap skin show.

Priyanka is looking gorgeous and she is wearing a beautiful sari
look at bipasha what is she wearing,then come and comment on priyanka

These actresses need to COVER UP! Looks so vulgar baring so much flesh. Have they never heard of the saying 'Less is more?' Obviously not...

Priyanka has fab wigs!

Poor Abhi saying 'Look at me!' No wonder he looks annoyed in photos with Ash, she always hogs all the limelight.

lara looks stunning. sonam's outfit is lovely but she should'nt have worn the gladiator makes the outfit look roman(in not a ncie way) whereas it should've been chic.

I think Aish is laughing her heart out..its better than photography smile..people need to get life frm compaining all the time..Priyanka god knw why she was wearing nything..if this is wht girls frm reserved family wear then god save us frm girls frm modern family..Bips makeup is not matching with her body..sonam looking old..Lara too much bronze

sonam just needs a stylist
lara is all time gorgeous

sonam what type of dress u ware?is it lungi or

sonam could have looked soooo much better!!

Soman plz hire a good dress designer

bipss nd priyanka looked gorgeousss [luv priyankasz pic] therr dressing was amazingg priyankaz saree was soo pretty
sonam didnt look gud at all she needs 2 do sumthin about her hair nd dressing
nd aish looks sooooooo fakeeeeeee she needs 2 stop laughing lyk datt

OMG Aish has to open her mouth so big and laugh, its so fake and is she keeps on laughing like this, very soon she might swaloow a fly and get infected.

what is it with aishwaryas laugh??she gotta do something about fake the way she laughs...woman wants to attract as many cameras as she could...but quite bored of watching her....wanna see more of sonam n deepika now.

others good good esp sonam and piggy chopps
but there is something abt aish which is not genuine. I prefer her b4.
she was very sweet.

and lastly why does she laugh like that??? she loves to open her mouth, SOOOO BIG??

keep it closed aish or a fly might just enter...

Priyanka looks great!
3rd row photo: nice purple dress... ! all the dresses look great.

Priyanka looks so good!

Aish- abhi :- looks like mommy is happy to see baby talking. your thoughts, please...

aish looks stunning and beauuu..........tiful.ash and abhi are the most lovely couple.i loved the performances of ash abhi.and also boman and ritesh.

these bolly chicks need to learn to dress up.
aish- blahhhh... nothing special
pri-love the saree but gal, u dont need to shove ur boobies at us
sona-loving the jewelry and her face. the dress is not working here. give her points for trying different looks though.
lara-perfection. she's dressed so well. the saree, the jewels, everyhting is working
neha- i dont have words
bips- dress is unflattering on her

why do kids wear clothes like grown ups..I mean a suit for a 12 yrs old comeon

collection of the strngest!

what are neha and bipasha doing there

bahahaha wtf is sonam wearing??? is she trying to be quirky???

Priyankas needs to learn how to drape a sari properly it looks tacky.....i like aish's sari BUT honestly almost EVERYONE failed here

She wore it for the fashion show for a designer...that wasnt the dress she chose to wear for the red carpet or finale show

OMG NEHA WOT RU WEARING????????????????

wus up with neha dupia's taste! it keeps getting worse n worse

sonams dress was fab n she rocked it, no one else cudve carried off .... aishs sari is nice, but im not likin somehtin bout the whole look cnt put finger on it

I agree Sonam's outfit was really bad. But she kinda made it look good. I can't imagine anyone else wearing it and looking this good. I now understand why celebs never take risk because people always criticise them. I like Sonam because I never bored of seeing her. She is different all the time!

aish looks like rekha here
she needs to hit the gym and tone down the makeup as it makes her look like abhis mom

The "Slumdog millionaire "couple is so sweet!!!and The girl is really prettty
Aish aunty please shut your mouth you look like a with lolz

Aish and Abhi are so cute! I love this couple.

sonam worst

Lara's outfit is gorgeous..Why no Rekha?

Sonam looks fantastic and i love her jewellery.

Sonam and Bipasha were big disappointments this time.

lol @ Sonam...haha u call dis a fashion diva???....wat an awful dress
aish lukz soo old

Priyanka copies Ash 9/10 times.

Priyanka looks sooo pretty! I like Lara's sari!

The gal who played Lakita looks really nice in her purple dress.
Aish looks like a witch in that pictures.

All the girls who played Latika in "Slumdog Millionaire" are so pretty! I love her little purple dress.

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