More Photos: Bipasha, Sushmita and Rani at KIFF

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Here are some more photos of Sushmita Sen, Bipasha Basu and Rani Mukerji at the closing ceremony of the Kolkata International Film Festival where the trio was felicitated for being woman achievers in Cinema.


sushmita looks so so beautiful and her hair just amazing.
NotImpressed and Bipasha-Fan Thank you for the pictures.

@NotImpressed - Love your pics!!
These women are so beautiful!

Sushmita.. I am blown away! So very beautiful.

NotImpressed - those pics are beyond adorable!



This pic of Rani with Sush is such an 'Awww Waali Pic'.

Stunning, strong, successful and independent women.
@NotImpressed Thank you for the pictures.

Is there a tutorial on how to do Bipasha's hairstyle?

All three looks awesome in gorgeous sari. So glad they ditched western clothes. All three are good actresses that deserves to get meaningful roles. Such shame that actresses with talents are ditched for younger actresses that look pretty but are yet to learn the art of acting.

Rani is one of Bip's and Sush's favourite actresses. It's so amazing to see them together! Rani and Sush have already done a film, I wanna see her with bips

all three are so beautiful. inspirational

Sush looks stunning, Rani looks so pretty

Beautiful women

All three are so gorgeous and genuinely seem to like each other, which is so cool. I can imagine a few other actresses who would stand with a safe distance between them & their nose stuck up in the air.
Also, serious question. Is there anybody who doesn't like Sushmita Sen? Is it even possible not to?

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