More pics of Preity Zinta @ IPL

More pics of Preity Zinta @ IPL 0
More pics of Preity Zinta @ IPL 0

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Anonymous's picture

haha ok i get ur point...i wasn't offended u know... yeah but it's better publicity seeing preity hug national and international i guess i'll take is easy..haha

Anonymous's picture

oye, let preity be preity, if ness doesnt have a problem, y do u have a problem. besides its not only preity but everyone hugs each other after the match. but they only take preity's pics and put them everywhere, stop clicking on her pics if it annoys u coz there s going to be a lot more hugging until ipl ends for this season. take it easy.

Anonymous's picture

I think she should stop hugging all these cricketers's annoying


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