Nargis Fakhri at Elle Race

Credits: Pinkvilla

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she is too old to be in the films. 32 isn't a suitable age

Absolutely gorgeous! I find her more attractive and livelier than Katrina. And mind you, she is only a film old and I find her better than Katrina who has spent so many years in the industry. If she works hard and takes Bollywood career seriously, she can do so much better than Katrina. Few more films and I say she can easily give tough competition to any of the top girls of today! I have nothing against Katrina, but I don't find her emoting. Whenever I see her films I cannot help but imagine someone else doing the scene with more punch. I find her incredibly lucky to be doing good films( with lead and happening actors) which turns out to be hits. But without acting, don't know how long the luck will run! :-p

Pretty and Elegant

her lips are like katrina's

You can see her nipples in those pics..she is not wearing a bra I guess..she looks quite old in these pic..she was lovely in rocktar..dont know what happened here she is not that beautiful

she looks like Katrina with the glasses.

lol who are the dorks posing with her? she looks better with shades on, her eyes are weakest feature. very dull...

one word 4 her . gorgeous.

How did she become so tall? Is she taller than Deepika?

Very sophisticated and polished and she doesn't look like she's trying unlike sonam kapoor

She looks stunning!!!

I like it. Chic and sophisticated :)

she looks really good

so beautiful..

naturally so beautiful!

That shades suits her face so much.

she is looking quite cute in her. She looks lovely from head to toe.
Katrina Kaif 10 years of experience in acting = Nargis Fakhri initial film acting.

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