Nargis Fakhri at the IIFA Awards

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Nargis Fakhri at the IIFA Awards. Another great look for Nargis. Her and Ranbir won the Hottest Pair award.


@Thu, 2012-06-14 20:42 — Anonymous

Also, i'm not sure where you got the idea about me being obsessed with the white color. Read my post again. Secondly, that was my first post just for your information.

her lips ruin her look ! they are so bad !

To me she looks like a Jew girl from Brooklyn, especially the eyes and nose

she looks great!

her lips r disgusting.. >

yay she looks beautiful but if i were her, would definitely chosen another better dress !

why do some people call her duck lips....these lips are so hot...who likes thin lips??

super hot nargis! btw she is more czeh... and her nationality is American...! yup I agree with anon below, katrina must defo be in her 30s... I dont take that she was 18 in her first movie... Does she know how 18 yr old girl looks like?

Nargiz looks lovely in this red dress. She is best dressed celeb at the IIFA.

wats wrong w. her lips

thanx samia khan appreciated :D

Cant belive she is in her 30s!!!
If she is in her lower 30s then Katrina MUST BE, ABSOLUTELY, on her 30s as well! no doubt about that.

She looks beautiful... wonder if we get to see her in a new movie? but her hindi is sooooo bad and so is her acting.. I would rather she be playing a foreign girl in movies with her origin being the way it is and not becoming another Katrina... she is very pretty and gorgeous.. but for hindi films, just not right.


@Sat, 2012-06-09 21:52 — Anonymous
something honest and lively abt this gal...anyway can someone plz tell me did rk and nargis accepted the award together or not
Yes they accepted award together.

I like that she is dressing up these days.

She looks lovely. Love the colour on her.

So effortless.
If we can tolerate the likes of Katrina, Deepika then why not Nargis.
Give her more movies, Bollywood.

something honest and lively abt this gal...anyway can someone plz tell me did rk and nargis accepted the award together or not

she looks great if you can blind out the lips..

No boobs

The dress is pretty average. She is pretty but I don't think she fills that dress very well

such a cute dress!

WOW this is the best I've seen Nargis look anywhere :) 10/10

Woweeee she looks GORGEOUS!!

After sridevi she looks the best...


shes really pretty shes better than katrina

If the dress didn't have the middle 'V' Straps, she would have looked great.

She looks like Penelope Cruz, gorgeous!!

damn hot...she can give Megan fox a run for her money....

Best dressed

i never found this girl truly "beautiful" just pretty and hot, but here she looks stunning like i was like wow when i saw her, the color looks great on her and the lips shade

prettiest ive ever seen her looking

Great Hair and Make up - not sure about the dress !!

She looks very pretty!

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