New AbhiAish pic in Miami

I love her dress

The girl who took the picture with them says Aish is actually very sweet and she took the time to talk to all of them :)

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fati A..i think i wasn't being impolite.i simply asked for proof..thanks for the info..but next time be very careful about the kind of words u use..doesn't speak volumes about your non-venomous character.

Mystic on Wed, 2008-04-16 20:20.

WOW Mystic!If I was u,I wud've atleast said a HI to both of them or shook hands!!!!!!But then everybody has a thinking of their own.This is wht my thinking is.I respect wht u think as well!!!!! U have ur own approach.

*the girl in purple

I can be Sarahgaby's credibility. If you go to facebook and join the 'Aishwarya Rai is a Goddess' group, go through the pictures and you will see this one. The group in purple nxt to abhi is the one who posted up the pic and she is the one who wrote all these comments about meeting aish/abhi. That should shut your suspicious and venomous mouth up precious anon. =)

the woman on Abhi's right is prettier than Ash


she is anything but a natural fact u never see her without her dose of makeup..she has horrible skin. well exceptions are always there. mostly people have found her to be rude and snobbish.thats the popular verdict.and coming from you sarahgaby it makes no sense since u r a fan so u r words have no credibility.but if u have proff to that statement please share it with us and change our views :)

Hey..thats my pic..where did you get it from??

she has makeup on , its just not filmy makeup thats all

Anonymous on Thu, 2008-04-17 11:52. Myself included:)


i could tell she barely had any make up on, but she looked amazing nevertheless! she is definitely a natural beauty :)

these are the words from the fan herself:

I knew they were shopping there, so I drove over as fast as I could lol. They were shopping at D&G, so I went in and pretended to shop around too. Aishwarya was busy trying on clothes, and Abhishek was waiting outside the fitting room, which is when I went up to him and talked to him. Oddly enough, I wasnt tongue tied around them, I was surprised at myself lol. So I spent a good 15-20 mins inside the store, just looking at them interact and stuff. We werent allowed to take pics inside the store, so I had to wait for them to get out. I was super excited too

They look like totally normal people walking down the street! Whats so special about them! Just proves how much makeup and lighting can do. IMHO, I have seen much better looking girls on the street including myself:)

on a lighter note - i think asshake is funnier than abhiwarya :-)

Yes, I can ignore any celebrity and walk away if I se them having a private moment. I saw Lara at Goa once. She was with her BF Kelly and was sitting right next to me at the beach. She was relaxing and having fun so I did not see it fit to disturb her.

sarahgaby, can you tell us if the fan said anything else about meeting them?

"I doubt I'll be able to mumble my name ..." :)

if I ever find myself anywhere near Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ...
let's just say I doubt I'll be able to mumble my name ...

ash talked about what?? just good at blah poetry?

just ask her one question--from where she learnt to talk/think positive in press--she hardly talks of practical points to any question she is asked?

Thanks for pic. I think they are so sweet together. I wish I'd run into them somewhere. Can you imagine walking in the mall and here comes Ash and Abhi.

To all those ppl who think the fans disturbed Ash-Abhi, wht if u saw Ash-Abhi and just ignored and walked away???can u do tht???? I can;t to b honest.Thr's no harm if the fans r requesting for pictures and autographs.It's a memroy tht stays with them forever.And it's totally great if the stars r talking to u and not giving any attitude.
I remember meeting John-Bips,both were very friendly and smiled graciously and did some small talk too!!!!So it's always great to bump into ur fav.stars and making memroies!!!

abhishek is a nice boy leave him alone pricks

aishwarya looking like supermodel.......abhi looking no lesser then a fan

looking really old and haggard ash!

You dont get chances like this everyday. meeting a famous celeb walking around. if they had their security with them, then it would be a low chance of taking a pic with them. looks like abhi got a haircut ? !

both look okay...aish look old from wat i can tell

wats up with ash n her dresses....y all of a sudden she has starting wearing dresses? impressed by preity eh!

She looks great!!!

wowww! I Wish they were walkin around the streets of OTtawa one steal abhi from her! hahah

They look cute together.. Very sweet.

I wonder how people even request for a picture, I mean its so odd.. They also have a private life.. Let them be.. Well! if you are excited to see them thats nice, but why picture? why bother them ....:)

You said it Mystic, Just imagine it must be so irritating all the time people chasing them,requesting pictures.. Seriously sad. I guess thats the price you pay for being a celebrity.

thnk they r really friendly ... nd are spreading great vibes around .this is like the 10th pic i m seeing of them take by ppl ..nd they look so calm

I totally agree with Mystic, poor Abhiwarya!

omggg i would faint if i saw them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is soo damn coolll.

I kinda feel bad for them. Can't even enjoy a quiet stroll without excited ppl butting in to get pictures taken.

awww ash looks cutee

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