Preity Zinta at FICCI FRAMES

Preity zinta at FICCI frame event.

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i love preity jacket...shes is great actress...
and yes i love the 1st pic, they all look happy :)

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Preity is the lone star in bollywood who got break in movies by making only 3 people HAPPY

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lovely poonam dhillon

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she is caring her chanel bag n wearing dior jacket

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she looks beautifull

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Wow. She's looked better But I have to say...she is definitely THE BEST DRESSED woman in bollywood. Her style is elegant. She never goes overboard and her hair and makeup is always flawless. Great personality too. She hasnt done anything memorable in a while but I guess she doesnt need to. She can slow down and still stay relevant. Good for her!

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Was Amitabh there too?? She looks pretty!


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