Priyanka and Ranbir spotted at the airport

Priyanka and Ranbir both returned from London. They begin shooting for Barfee tomorrow.

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Credits: pv

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I KINDA like her style here n she looks fresh n pretty, also like her hair n highlights!

too many nose surgeries!!!

Who d hell wears fake eye lashes n lip stick while travelling, tat too at night... No body even trashy pc herself would knw d real her i suppose... N looks like she doesnt ve good natural eyelashes... I ve thicker lashes than her...

I like her hair here n the highlights!

she is really sexy yaar...

i like the outfit...
its super cool...

Priyanka's face looks beautiful but I don't like the necklace or the outfit!

I read a story today that said that the same day SRK came to London Priyanka also went to London for 3 days that she had meetings with SRK. I read more at

she is trying to be a bit edgy with her look, but it's quite nice her outfit. it's not THAT bad like some of you are making out.


who cares how she looks. actors don't necessarily have to look good

this is the exact different between hollywood and bollywood.
hollywood = looks for TALENT
bollywood = LOOKS

tired of it.

Why these many accessories and stuffs for flying?? Man she looks horrible !!!!

I like Priyanka's look

Forget about her clother, I don't like her face.
nothing her head, her nose, her lips even her hair .
May be if one can put another face on her body, may be she look half as good what she wants to look

PC looks like she is gonna do some bondage film

Ewww she looks like SHIT

hmm... does anyone have a pic of pri w/o make up ??

oh my hero i love u. same time looking cute and handsome.

They always wear like winter cloth bcoz their AC temperature always low, any feel good to see Ranbir back safe. Wish u best of luck for Rockstar and Barfee.

priyanka is looking perfect....
love her completely.

pc is very beautiful without makeup sure that.while you didnt see her without makeup why you say that she is bad without it .in these pictures she is fantastic

So much makeup just to travel. Pity that she cannot step out of her house without makeup. Since she looks scary and horrible without it.

is she size zero ?
even though she is thin she has cheeks ???

she looks perfect in that yellow and in the shade of that lipstick

she looks messed up

se looks horrible especially in the first pic and thats with min make up would wonder how she looks with no makeup at all.might be no one will even recognise her

WTF happened to Priyanka?!!

This made me think of how Frieda was dressed at the airport. Priyanka has a great figure ....why can't she dress more cool and real like Freida? Here she looks like she came off the set after shooting a OTT bollywood number. She looks so ghetto.
Ranbir looks cool and understated. Even love the way he's avoiding the camera.
She's got talent, the figure. She just needs to dress more classy and cool. You can dress classy and still look sexy....Priyanka!

Couldn't agree more MakeupCritic! My love for Priyanka cannot hide my distaste for her wardrobe. It's just...tacky.
Ranbir on the other is looking AMAZING! It's one of the few times I've ever been attracted to Ranbir. His ensemble looks effortless, cool and modern. I love it.

spotted at bombay airport???? ranbir is dressed for winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why MakeupCritic? I finally agree with you! She always try to act cool and westernize but she comes out looking disastrous! She should try being herself, she is pretty girl! With the botox, hair extension, unusual clothing n overpowering makeup... NOT PRETTY AT ALL!

Whoa, PC looks out of control hot in some of the pics! I like Ranbir's travel style...but he looks super tired.

Love Priyanka, but she is definitley one of the worst dressed actresses.. She just has no style, and everything she wears ends up looking tacky! Save yourself Priyankaaaa

They both look nice. But I would really love to see Priyanka without the hair extentions sometimes, I bet she will still look nice...and for those who will tell me otherwise...I've seen her real hair already and it's not this Plenty...that's how I know she uses Hair Pieces. Priyanka looks alittle emotional, she said on twitter she was having mixed feelings leaving London. Check out the Ring on her left hand on her married finger...this is a different one.

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