Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan at Don 2 Game Launch

Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan at Don 2 Game Launch

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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Priyanka acts like she is the first lady!!! what happened to her.. she is not as she used to be!!

Priyanka looks very demur in classic simple white dress. Shahrukh looks like Don, lean mean dirty and hot.
Love that bad boy!!!!

hahah pic 3 srk you dirty boy hahahahah

She looks like a wax figure of herself at Madam Tuassauds. If she ever gets one it will be hard to tell them apart.

All are looking nice. Shah Rukh and Priyanka!!! Love you both:-))

Aww I like the guy in the blue stripped shirt he's handsome

WOW this is the very first time for me to say this, but Priyanka looks really elegant in this dress for the first time she got it right!!!! I prefer these types od dresses and color on her..
I so hate to see her in short lawless dresses

is that her real hair? because in the big awards she is wearing long straight hair. which one is real?

ohh her lips are covering her entire face. too much surgery shes got. she didnt need it. she was pretty before.
but she still got a killer body

Sonam and Ranbir also promoted Saawaiyaa like this. They went almost everywhere.

Anyways, SRK looks bad here =(....I hope Don 2 is good...

nose, lips, hair extensions, skin bleaching.. what else is left Priyanka?

@love u sallu-kareena,,,, who the hell asked u ??? they dont like u either....bimboo !
LOL, its so funny that hes eating popcorn and hes swetting.....thats smokin' HOT !
love them 2gether !

SRK looks Old and really wrinkled :(

Forget the foundation PC has started painting her face with Nerolac paint these days....Much faster!

yes, too much surgery does that. cant even smile! o! the curse of stardom!

Theyre a hot n sexy couple:) will miss them after don2 :/

She's trying so hard to look conventionally pretty...but she is not despite the numerous surgeries...

don liking dem

Immediately after this event, SRK and Priyanka have met again with Riteish Deshmukh`s birthday party. Now Gauri is humiliated by her friends also. Actually Gauri and Ritesh are close friends. How can he invite Priyanka although he does know about the affair?
Because Priyanka Gauri has not appeared. This is so mean and very sad.
I`m very disappointed by Riteish.

Wow all are looking so real & simple

What about the arm pits of the old man - sharukh and farhan akhtar !

Am I the only one who wants to check all the pictures of SRK en PC only to see whether they touch each other or not???? LOL!!!!

She can't smile because of all the surgery she's had. It dosn't look natural. When she does smile,the top lip almost touches tip of nose. Can't be very comfortable. You can tell she's conscious of this as she has hand over her mouth.

In the first Pic sek looks like sky frm bigg boss5

she looks depressed, what did gauri put her in her place. awwww psyke!

It seems she exercises for the wax museum, her face ist horrible.
No more facial expressions and when she laughs the upper lip meets the nose.
She was such a pretty woman, why she has destroyed all.
The surgeries and the affair with SRK, all this will destroy her entire career.
She will lose all respect from her colleagues and her fans. But it`s her own fault, pooor girl.

They are both starting to resemble Michel Jackson! :D

don't like her here too much make-up and she's tired otherwise she is beautiful

PC's dress too tight.Her curves are not visible

home wrecker

SRK looks bad

SRK buddha try to look young.

best of luck DON2 team>> love u srk

PC lookin good, Farhan too, SRK, not so much.

Ytay!!! More Shah Rukh with PC:-)) Love them so much and I can't wait for Don2.

Damn, How much more of these two we will have to see in the Future. I feel like Disappearing from this world. Can't take Shahrukh and Priyanka anymore.........

wow...of lately I have seen if though PC and SRK are togetehr for various promotions, PC make it a point to stay at least half feet away even in when they are standing next to each other. Pc id suddenly behave as if maintinaing a distance, then something did happen between the two of you....forget about being cuddly, she is no more looking or smiling at him...these are all just body language

I don't like the sleeve cut but she is looking nice in this simple and classy outfit. Priyanka is slim and at the same time curvy! very attractive. But why has she been looking so serious, she should smile more.

don 2 is must watch movie,

oh, yes, Priyanka just looking fabulous

the dress is too tight for her...her arm pits are pouring out and looks its tight around the shoulder too...the curls in the wrong place makes her face wide...not liking her today...

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