Priyanka Chopra MMS video

When i was looking for priyanka chopra videos, i came across this video which got posted very recently on the net. This MMS is from her bedroom. Looks to be during her Aitraaz days. She looks lovely.

How do these MMS get leaked? who releases these personal videos on the net?

BTW did anyone catch what she was talking??

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Credits: youtube

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Shahid must have posted this video, is there more of them. Want to see one on the Income Tax raid on them.

she use to be pretty back then. not to say that she wasnt before.

she was with Shahid.....


maybe akki was recording her xD xD xD rofl :)

Fri, 2010-10-22 17:02 — Anonymous very true

she looks prettier with a bronzed tan which she sports now.. but she was cute back then...

people can sum1 tell me wht iz she sayyin

ok! whats bad about this video

i mean if she did not do a nose job ...

look at her nose, if she did not done a nose job than i must be blind

she looks damn cute..

Fri, 2010-10-22 06:15 — must be blind to think thats not her..

and she denies so BADLY that she didnt do anything to her nose hehehe its SOO OBVIOUS

look different

1st photo looks jus like ash

yeh this was before her nose job. she still looks pretty - that was the nose that gave her the 'miss world' title. too bad shes made it so western and americanised. shes lost her desi nose and placed a generic looking 'small' american nose


that doesnt look like her, especially the nose

cuteness to

Her younger brother must have posted this on internet...coz it looks much of house atmosphere and those lovely expression for some one little cute person..

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