Priyanka Chopra, Ilean D'Cruz & Ranbir Kapoor Promote Barfee in Kolkata


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ppl hu dont hav any other work thn commenting bad about PC!!...first look at urself n then spk!!...she has talent in her!! so shez der!!...u dnt hav it in u!! so jus shutup!! n film industry is a shw industry!!...hw do ppl xpect hr to b in full covers wen all da oder actresses rnt!! SHE IS A NATURAL BEAUTY FOR SURE!!!

ranbir looking like a barfee lol

she is looking very sexy....
the dress suits her completely....

love priyanka smile....

priyanka steal the show!!!!!

pc looking soo gorgeous!!!!!

I m fade up with those ill logistics comment that if he wasn't kapoor then never cast as a leading man, so jealous, he is better than his surname and make proud his legacy.

Priyanka looks beautiful and sweet!

they swapped their sexuality hahahaah

Ranbir is Fug

is it me or priyanka is looking fair there

PC looks beautiful when she smiles...lovely smile

ja she is looking like she gained weight (but definitely in a good way)....she be looking FINE!!! she would look really sexy with more curves

her face looks weird.she definitly did some botox

cant this girl wear full clothes???

Did she lighten her face? Or was always like this

She looks soo beautiful!! Btw did she gain some weight?...

Ranbir looks sad, missing his charm. Good luck for barfee.

poor ileana... will be completely overshadowed by these two...wished she could have opted for a better hindi debut...asin was clever to backoff.

PC looks stunning here

PC's arms are looking a little chubby, but she is still looking great! WTF is up with Ranbir in the first pic? He looks like a vampire ready to take a bite out of PC!

If he wasn't a Kapoor, there is no way he'd be a leading man. Homely as sin. Priyanka looks pretty though.

Did her Ring say Love? Wow, she is truely Loved by someone very special. Lucky Lucky girl.

pc looks stunning - loving that dress and she's got the body to go with it!


Man, I like PC but I dont always want to see her with such a made-up face and fake hair. I want to see my girl natural with own skin tone and her own hair.

LOVE this jodi!


Omg whY is ranbir so pale?

Wow! This is the first time after a looooong time I find PC, pretty! She looks very gud here n I love her dress though it's too short, it's pretty n she has gud legs to pull this off!

She should stick with this hairstyle!

did she go for cheek fillers?

men should not cross their legs when sitting!!! the queen would not approve.

luv ranbir and pc! cant wait for the film

pc looks pretty. she kinda looks like selena gomez, lol.

did she gain weight

eww Ranbir looks so gross!

oh my hash PC's dress is so elegant but simple...when i am 29 i wanna have legs like her's!!! these pictures arent that good, they made ranbir look like CASPER the GHOST lol ...really cant wait for Barfee!

she looks beautiful


omg...they look so perfect together, rkpc

Personal I Think All 3 Karisma, Kareena And Ranbir Have Just Gone BACK TO WORK AS ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD!!! Give Them A Break People! If They Don't Go Back To Work They Will Not Be Getting Money!! Like Every Other Person They Also Need Money To Live There Life!!1

priyanka is always wearing this very shart dresses to look sexy but she is not .i am actually suck of her .people get bored of seing her in the same type of dresses.i like ranbir but he doesnt look hundsome on those photos


ranbir looks bad and white......i miss his hotness =)

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