raj kapoor family exclusive

raj kapoor and his wife krishna

randhir kapoor (1st son of raj kapoor) with wife babita, daughters kareena and karishma

rishi kapoor (son) with wife neetu singh and children ranbir and riddhima

Reema Jain (Raj Kapoor's daughter) with husband and kids

Ritu (Raj Kapoor's Daugher), Husband, and son Nikhil Nanda and daugher Nitasha Nanda. Nikhil Nanda is the husband of Swetha Bachan

Rajiv Kapoor (Raj Kapoor's third son), he was married but now is divorced.

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riddhima looks like krishna kapoor especially the lip area

it is oe one of my favorite faily why ididn,t born in this family?

Raj kapoor's wife named Krishna kapoor.

i think raj kapoor's wife Kamala is very beautiful...in the pic above...he didnt have to be with Nargis that way..could have just worked with her

Ok your posting is all screwed up.. what the heck is this? captions are all messed UP!!! Do it correctly or dont do it at ALL

bebo , she is very cool and dasing

bebo loks gud

Wow, Raj Kapoor and wife looked amazing! Such good genes. Oh my days Kareena looks just like her aunt Ritu! Slimmer version. What Kareena could look like if she put loads of weight on.

I cannot see pictures of Rishi Kapoor's family nor Rajiv Kapoor...how come?!

Nitus daughter Riddhima is pretty but she only looks pretty when she's slim as soon as she gains weight she starts looking bad and she looked old even when she was young. I think Karishma Kapoor has the most balanced face and is almost perfect. She can gain weight and still look good and she looks younger than her age. Pregnant fat is different but even if Karishma gains a little bit of weight it doesn't hurt her she's got really good genes from her mom and her body type is not to prone to gaining weight. I love Karishmaaaa!!!!

i agree with Anonymous on Thu, 2008-03-13 17:50, neetu kapoor's daughter luks da most beautiful!...lovely eyes!:>

thanx radiant

Oh, I missed that. Thx Mystic.

Raj Kapoor had three sons...Randhir, Rishi and Rajeev. Rajeev is the one in the last pic.

Nice post... didn't Raj Kapoor have more sons than just Randhi Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor?

KARAN JOHAr SAID recently in his interview. that his good friend Rima Jain's son will make rocking debut soon.. he has kapoor legendary blue eyes as well

sorry guys...that post came out 4 times..i must have pressed enter a bit too many times

how do u know that...do u know them?

how do u know that...do u know them?

how do u know that...do u know them?

how do u know that...do u know them?

RIMa's older son Adar is really cute.. he will make his debut soon

nice post

Nitu's daughter looks the most beautiful...

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