Rajeev Khandalwal & Leander Paes at Cadbury Children's Meet

Cadbury India recently unveiled an innovative campaign for its leading malt based food brand - Bournvita. “Tayyari Jeet ki” (Being prepared for every challenge) is the core theme for this campaign. They could not have chosen a more worthy icon to beam the message of preparedness than the Olympian Leander Paes, winner 12 Grand Slams in three different decades which is an interesting fact of his long career. Cadbury Bournvita held a national contest was wherein mothers were invited to write about their children and how do they prepare them for success and submit the same on mystory@tayyarijeetki.com.

50 mothers and their children were invited for a concluding ceremony which was graced by prominent personalities including actor Rajeev Khandelwal, Psychiatrist Harish Shetty, Nutritionist Naini Setalvad and laughter coach Anand Chulani.

Preparation is very important for achieving major goals in life. Preparing early gives a head start and this message forms the crux of this campaign.

“Unconditional love and support from parents is great strength for children and they should use this love as a strong weapon to achieve their dreams. Guidelines are your foundations which makes you strong. Push your boundaries to achieve success. The uniqueness you have about yourself should be nurtured”. says Leander Paes.

“Success means hard work. It means enjoying your work. One should not let failure depress you. Use your failure to inspire you to achieve higher goals in life. Believe in god, believe in love but above all believe in yourself because you are the master of your destiny”. said actor Rajeev Khandelwal.

Any achiever would vouch for the fact that hard work and preparation are the only ways to ensure success. Every child has talent, and ambition. It is his or her preparation, along with the mother’s support that makes him an achiever.

Mothers are aware of the pressure-to-perform on the kid and don’t want to add to it. This is what the new Bournvita campaign captures; the winner kid and the encouraging parent-as-friend mother. Bournvita is one more thing the mother provides in the kid's preparation for life

Credits: www.pinkvilla.com

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a manlier shahid kapur , im shocked he looks great for being 36 .

Rajeev kandelwal is looking great. I agree, he is a great actor. He should get a chance. He was very good in Amir movie.

Rajeev has the look and acting, he shud do more movies w/ better co-stars and directors.

Rajeev is a great actor, wonder why people do not take him, he should act in big movies, he has so much potential, Vishal B are you listening?

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