Ranbir and Priyanka spend time with Cancer Aid & Research Foundation kids

Ranbir and Priyanka spend time with Cancer Aid & Research Foundation kids. Priyanka's rocking a new hair-do.
I saw Anjaana Anjaani last night. There were some funny bits, but I thought the movie was a whole was strictly average. The movie dragged on in some bits. I also don't think Ranbir and Priyanka (as Akash & Kiara) had much chemistry as a couple.

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Just beautiful.

@Sipho : I'm nt a gr8 fan of PC but u are right dear...y the hell some ppl all the time criticise others ...its their life..whatever they want they can wear.

lol to the person who has a problem with PC wearing short dresses, where are u from where people wear long skirts and dresses, afghanistan??? and y u so tired of looking at PC, here is a solution: STOP LOOKING AT HER PICTURES, MOVIES, PROMOTIONS, PERFORMANCSE etc...no one is forcing u to look at her LMAO!! as simple as that. i dont like lil wayne so ul never find me commenting on his songs or pics coz i dont have time to waste on him.


can't she wear something longer ??? i'm so sick of seeing her wearing the same short dresses all the time, & everywhere !!!!

she doesn't seem to have so much makeup on! love the natural looook

she looks absolutely beautiful in the 4th pic. wow.
what an exotic face she has!
and what a body!! (p.s. i'm a girl. i am REALLY jealous.)

LOOVE her dress! AND HER HAIR! its so natural and pretttyy
and her sandals! and smile, tehe

for those of you who are saying this dress isn't appopriote for this event, it really
isn't that bad. i mean, its a simple cute dress, not showy! whats wrong with her
wearing it at a kid's event. she doesn't have to cover up every part of her freaking body.

simply sexy and stylish pc......

Loving the sandals!

rk & pc look like perfect couple

her hair and look and face is all so beautiful.

if she was very fair complexioned, there would be thousands of ppl on pinkvilla praising her.. but bcoz she's dusky, she doesn't know how to dress... oh wow.

Oh gosh..whatever next..apprearances at malls etc and now charity..it sucks if they are just doing it for publicity of their film!!

What is wrong with those people, if she likes to wear short clothes let her do. She is young and pretty girl, let her enjoy while it lasts.
PC is the most beautiful, sexy, hot girl in Bollywood

why she has to wear this dress to such an event....


Priyanka looks lovely in this outfit, nice hair too

This girl is physically unable to dress appropriately.

na dnt like

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