Rani Mukerji At The Launch Of Radio Mirchi In UAE

Rani is in a Sabyasachi sari. I love the styling here.. The hair is so good, as is the makeup and sari. Fab to see Rani changing it up slightly!

Pictures taken from @RencyPatcheco twitter.

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Credits: google, twitter

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I am not a rani fan but Gosh she look 20 years old, just hope for her she will not become a botox addict like many of bollywood ladies

Aww she looks so pretty. Absolutely LOVE the saree, another sabyasachi creation im sure :)

People who a saying that she has dun something with her face certainly dont know Rani very well! Everytime she wears a lot of foundation and less dark eye makeup she looks gud. And her nose looks the same!

@Thu, 2012-02-02 13:34 — Anonymous
: why are talking about urself??

Rani looks beautiful :)

botox is nothing...its like a face cream,the only difference is that you have to apply a face cream everyday to see the results and botox is injected in your skin and the results are visible within 7 days....it just makes your face more tight and wrinkle free and the results are not so dramatic unless you were in wrong hands...maybe she just had botox because in the first 3 days your face looks swollen and thats why her nose and eyes are looking smaller,her nose is already so small why would she have a nose surgery!! and personally i think she was wearing lots of foundation and nothing is wrong with the way she is looking!

she really looks so cute and royal!I wonder why all these negative comments????????????

She looks different..maybe a nose job+botox.
Hadn't thought she wud go in for botox yet..

Everything about her in this picture is lovely...the sari, blouse, drape, makeup, the way she is carrying herself. Wish we saw more people like that. All the best to her in whatever she does...God bless.

Lately, I had doubts that Rani is pregnant but with these new photos i am more certain.

i dont think she had a treatment ,I think she slept alot before going to the event thats makes our face looks tight and she is very alot of foundation thats why she looks a little strange.

she is a has been used goods passed down from govida to aditya anyone for leftovers?

New nose. Nosrils were wider before,you can clearly tell difference from old photos. Plus bit of help from Botox, voila!! :) Just an observation.

Gosh I can lick her face right now, she looks yummy :D


2012-02-02 11:01 — Anonymous

And you are jealous because Rani actually does look stunning and your fat ass can't accept this fact.. and since you can't comment on her acting skills since she is a EFFING PRO so you decided to bring Payal n Aditya crap here again... awwe when will Aishwarya fans realize that being a broken record is boring and please shouldn't you worry about a HW director calling Aishwarya a pathetic actress who acts like her audience are some little kindergarten children? LMAO..


these photos are photoshopped she is not light skinned and and skin is not that flawless her nose jawline and dark circles are also photoshopped.

I thought her face looked a bit "tight" around the eyes too.. But having seen a close up picture, I'm not that sure..

She sure is talented in bedding a married man for ten years and denying it for the longest time.

Who want to get old yaar, i will go for botox if i had to..nothin wrong in it...

It wouldn't surprise me to see you spending millions on your facial surgeries, all that money you Nokrani stole from your malkin Payal.
Even God won't forgive you and Aditya

lovely rani :)

et tu Rani? cant any of these actresses keep away from botox?

@Wed, 2012-02-01 16:13 — Anonymous

Rani is a super actress, I love her exotic eyes. BUT flawless skin????????????? :O No way! Rani's skin is not at all good, and she looks awful with pigmentation and dark circles without make up. I am a fan too, but not BLIND!

not liking her OTT make up or the high necked blouse...its for someone with a long slender neck. she would have looked lovely with less make up and a better blouse...

I love rani, but i'm not into that blouse..

To my Talented Beauty Rani I love n Miss U :) God Bless... c U @ the Movies soon, Keep RockQueen;~}

i know what's different about her
she has a new nose

Rani looks super gorgeous

She looks so different here! Face looks tighter,nose looks more refined

only indians care bollywood stars outside from ash to rani ....thats why they only go places where there is a considerable amount of indian population

she has the most gorogeous face in bollywood,love her style..

I think it's the facial wax that makes her look little different.. but she will never have surgeries or Botox, she doesn't need one to begin with.

She looks soooooooo beautiful...She really one of the most beautiful AND most talented actresses in the industry!!!!

Haters can't bear that she can looks so beautiful without botox! As for that racist who say's she looked as black as tar when she saw her can't have seen Priyanka Chopra pre her white woman days!

her face looks huge and bloated , she has on 20 layers of makeup aunty rani stop trying to act you cause your not

She looks like Freida Pinto to me

I am always shocked when I see her arms that chubby. almost as big as her head. rani why dont you care about your weight?

Can someone chuck lovetohate out of pv? All she/he does is pass only negative comments on everyone..

Bored by seeing these old actress again and again...why don't you just QUIT.


Rani looks like a Don queen here lol...love it! Only change - I would have made the blouse neck lower/deeper, so that along with the hairstyle it would have given her a more regal, long necked look...here her neck seems missing.

Those eyes and that dazzling smile...MashaAllah :)

she looks beautiful :)

lol. she looks like an Air hostess on some Indian flight. & this doesnt mean she is looking bad, infact she is looking good. :)

Love her!

Rani looks like a pancake here....She is wearing at least 5 pumps of foundation on her face (it's cake)....Her face, makeup, and her body looks like pancake...LOL

something is different in her face..skin bleaching or botox maybe??

She looks very different....n yea classy....kind a liking it.......not going ga ga tho......but yea good since it looks unconventional and stylish.....

She looks as gorgeous as ever!
Rani you are always wonderful!

rani alwsys looks classy..unlike other cheap wnnabees

WOW she looks fresh.. love the saree


woooow she is so fresh !!!


she's looking GREAT! and she 100% has had work done. BOTOX AROUND THE EYES AND ON CHEEKS...FOR SURE!!! but it looks ok

Out of all the actresses out there, Rani is the last one needs botox. Her skin was always flawless, it's just the perfect makeup and a tight bun makes it seem like a different look, but I would not call it a botox period.

its not MUKERJI!!! its MUKHERJI!!!

Nice makeup makes her look much fairer than she actually is. Iam happy she did some botox, she looks amazing

looking youthful here

YaY on the sari... NaY on the blouse!

She Looks Like a pan cake... She Never had and Never will have a Sense for fashion !

The neckline of the blouse makes her neck look non existent.She should Not wear this style at all:((

She looks lovely. Finally she got botox!!


She looks different... Seems like she has also resorted to Botox

WOW!!!! What a pleasant change!!! Love you Rani, way to go!

love teh look but blouse looks an uncomfortable fit

OMG she has the most gorogeous face in bollywood, really! :O

She looks so sexy. A true Indian beauty

Rani is MAGNIFIQUE. I love her so much.

rani looks great

I dont know if its because of the hair-do, but she looks too short and her face looks too round.

botex ewww

lol her head int he first pic looks photoshopped

omg i love this saree - rani looks uber classy! and the updo is just perfect and sophisticated. makeup is flawless and her face is glowing. totally loving this look.

Woow Rani best look in recent times, she looks beautiful!!

holy crap...SHE IS STUNNING! wow.

she got some kind of treatment and she looks very very young as if almost 10years are taken off her age....but I am glad she did that and i love this saree and her makeup is different than usual and i like the hair style...overall looking pretty.

So beautiful, so dignified!!!!

Rani she is very nice and beautiful Actor

Rani is sooo beautiful and a great actress too!!!!

her face look more round wid her close neck blouse. rani its not for round faces lady

Who is rightmost in the bottom pic? She's stunning.

omg shes scary lookin here

She looks pretty and yet very chubby! I like the colors of her sari and the details but the skirt is making her look huge! And she has worn a very similar sari at DURGA POJA like 2 years ago, it was beautiful too but not transparent.

sweet and lovely



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