Rani Mukherjee at Durga Puja Celebrations

She is wearing a Sabyasachi sari. Rani is looking great!

Credits: pinkvilla

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Rani didi is looking great in this saree.she is beautifull.I love my dear Rani didi.

Rani didi is looking great in this saree.she looks beautifull.my dear Rani didi,you are superb.I love my Rani didi.

On anyone else this sari would be crap but Rani works it!!!

Oh god now a days if anythink cheap and useless, designer make it valuable. What so great in this sari ?

the real queen of bollywood is really back again......wellcome babes..........show ur spung n mingle d world

my rani is the most beautiful, best
it is a sunbeam queen of the queens for me even far more beautiful than it ever was miss world ...... rani is unique no matter what she wears ....... I love you so dearly warning

prison chic?

this is a bengali saree and its a great piece of art by Sabyasachi!
The saree is carried equally well by Rani!
Rani rocks!

for some reason, because of the way she accessorized, she makes this saree work really good. And the fact that she carries sarees with a bang def. helps!

the sari looks like they made it out of all the fabric pieces left from trash into one sari. LOL. but rani carries it off very well.

she looks good...n i quite like d saree.

This Sabyasachi designer is so overhyped. Just horrible sari this is.

Sabyasachi ...

She makes a table cloth look HOT!!!

she looks like vidya balan........lol

Looks like the designer of this sari used bits and pieces of left over fabric from some other collection to make this saree ...heeeeeheeeeeeeee1

i love the sari but the checked blue and white part reminds me of my kitchen cloth

Sari is a bit weird, but it's better than wearing the same old crap that everyone else wears. She is glowing as usual.

maybe it's a bengali sari

The sari is dreadful. Rani looks nice.

She looks jus WOW.

Stunning Sari she looks exotic - Sabyasatchi is my favourite - very chic

Rani has got it wrong this time round..the sari is a no-no it looks horrible and resembles a table cloth! what was she thinking??

yeah sari is a goner! not a nice sari/

yeah sari is a goner! not a nice sari/

@"someone stole my tablecloth and curtain and made a saree outof it :D"

LOL yeah and that someone was sabyasachi!! :-)

Rani looks amazing she is the ultimate actress..one with beauty and talent...they dont make it like her anymore !! She looks amazingly gorgeous here !! Rani should do more movies....!!!

Rani looks very pretty, but da sari not good.


wow, those patterns are crazy but strangely enough, it works - at least on her.

WoW!! beautiful

heyyy!! someone stole my tablecloth and curtain and made a saree outof it :D

Ranis face looks good, but sorry that sari looks like a table cloth i have at home.

designer saris for puja? does god care, really?

they should make a movie with Rani as a girl from bengal with some solid story.

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