Rani Mukherjee at North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Puja

Rani Mukherjee along with her niece Mishti at North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Puja .

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Credits: pv

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her niece resembles her so much !!

Anon Tue, 2011-10-04 10:54

Go F yourself. Don't say this little girl has to lose weight. She's not even fat, look at her arms. You make me sick, you DH. She's beautiful as she is.

Pretty as usual


she looks pretty

She always rocks the sari!!

She s lookin so cool... N her niece seems to ve grown up so much in d last yr, coz she looked so small last yr, but this yr she s lookin diff... But may b d little gal has to loose a bit weight... But rani looks so beautiful... N durga pooja always brings a new spark in rani

She looks like a Rani, literally. Her niece is the spitting image of her dad!


Rani is probably s upporting her whole family with Adi sia and payals hard earned money,no wonder her family did not disown her

the queen of sarees RANI...i love this gorgeous saree.

Rani mukerji looks LOVELY :*

Rani mukerji looks LOVELY :*

She looks amazing! Rani rocks the sari better then any other bollywood lady. So elegant n pretty

Beautiful Rani :)


Woow Rani looks beautiful!

She looks like a dream..... :)

true indian beauty !

Simply Gorgeous!

She looks traditional and glamorous at the same time. I like her sari and makeup.

I always love seeing Rani.

ohhh her niece has grown much bigger nw....she's just like her dad!!!

she is looking million bugs......toooo gorgeous!!!

Rani is looking Stunning as usual.. :)

i guess...actually i cn see dat she didnt shave hr inner arm pits!!!!!hehhehehe

The lil girl is so cute and so lucky to have RANI as her aunt!!

looking beautiful. her hair looks nice.

So beautiful!

Ohhhhh God I waited the whole year to see Rani at Durga Puja becoz she always looks MAGNIFIC!
And yes she looks wonderful here, LOVE her HAIR, face, bindi but her sari could have been better but she's Rani and that's says all! ;)

Shez very cute!

Beautiful! :O

Wow.. she looks great! I love when she heavily rims her eyes.. she looks so amazing in traditional appearances.

She is soooo beautiful!

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