rare kapoor family photo...

rare kapoor family photo... 0
rare kapoor family photo... 0

some event...spot kareena!

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Anonymous's picture

In Men- Shashi Kapoor was the best looking kapoor family. And of course his son Karan Kapoor after him.

babepinksta's picture

she's at far left standing besides her mother

biraaa's picture

I think both Shashi, Rishi and Ranbir kapoor are very good looking men in kapoor family.

Anonymous's picture

karan kapoor is hot! AND his photographs are hotter! really talented guy, i must say...

ketulmistry's picture

Karan Kapoor is now International Photographer.... His photography is mind blowing.....

Anonymous's picture

GAWD, Shashi Kapoor's son, Karan the Bombay Dyeing guy is so PAINFULLY GOOD-LOOKING ! *drool* .

He takes after his dad though ( he got his coloring from his British mom, but facial features from Dad ), young Shashi Kapoor was really handsome too. The only good looking Kapoor in the family.

Anonymous's picture

The only good looking guy in Kapoors is Karan Kapoor tht too since he is half British..

Anonymous's picture

Please tell me where is shashi kapoor son karan kapoor is

Anonymous's picture

Yup.. Shashi Kapoor's son is the HOTTEST ... why dont we see him in the moviesss?

Anonymous's picture

u r looking very cute in childhood.

Anonymous's picture

damn karan kapoor was unbelievably gorg back then, where did he disappear?

Anonymous's picture

i like kareena kapoor mainly

Anonymous's picture

the girl with the hairband is karishma

Anonymous's picture

Shashi Kapoor's son is HOT

radiant's picture

bride is the 3rd daughter of Urmi Sial. Urmi Sial is Raj Kapoor's sister, dont know groom.

Anonymous's picture

whu is bride n groom

BOLLYWOOD's picture

where's Rishi Kapoor??

Anonymous's picture

Actually I think hairband girl is karisma

Anonymous's picture

I wonder what "Karan Kapoor"(Shashi Kapoor's son ) doing these days? He was very good looking guy...

Gwen77's picture

shashi kapoors son is such a hottie

Anonymous's picture

she is standing next to rajiv kapoor

Anonymous's picture

Hey where is Rishi Kapoor in this pic? Can't spot him.

Anonymous's picture

Hairband girl is kareena.....


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