Riteish & Genelia Deshmukh at police show Umang

Riteish & Genelia Deshmukh at police show Umang.

Like every year, this year too Umang police show has been organized to felicitate the Mumbai police for their hard work.

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she is so flat chested ! :O

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she is cute, adorable,smart,lovely,beautifull every wrds which can describe beauty i give to her love u r dress tooooooooooooo

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cute couple but her outfit.. -_-

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Genelia looks like she has started taking fashion advice from her husband's BFF's wife.

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Sat, 2013-01-05 20:30 — Anonymous
@sharon diva enjoying and agreeing with all your comments :)
Thanks :)

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@sharon diva enjoying and agreeing with all your comments :)

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Her smile componsates for any flaw, if she has any :P
not much fan of her outfit here, but I like that she wore bindi...
Bindi with indian outfit is perfect combo.

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He gets front row only coz of his political connections!

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What a cute couple
Gens looking lovely

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Genelia is so adorable! I love her hair, makeup and outfit.

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Genelia's a gem! I hate her hair though. Like does she have red tips?? It looks tacky!

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wow Genie......

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love genelia's outfit.

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ahhhh! geneliaaa is absolutely precious! beautiful! love her outfit!

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Nice pair..made for each other...


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